On the Wall

A few months back, my friend Jay Geldhof and I decided to each take a stab at illustrating the same character, a little exercise he cleverly coined "Character Assasination". We've only done two so far...Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and Female Fury Lashina...but both of us plan to get back on the horse and collaborate again once we have a free minute or our respective baby daughters head off to kindergarten...whichever comes first!

Anyway, Atom-Bomb Bikini reader Jason O. dug the Aayla Secura illo enough to acquire the original art! I threw in a color print of the finished product, and he recently sent me a sweet photo of the whole framed piece! Nice! It's always such an honor to see your work grace the wall of someone's home.

Wanted: More readers like Jason O.!

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