Uni Watch Interview

I have a new interview up in the webiverse today, thanks to Paul Lukas of the spectacular Uni Watch blog, a daily collection of commentary, links and images about the wide and eclectic selection of sports uniforms out there (old-time zinesters will remember Paul from his excellent Beer Frame as well). His approach really speaks to me...I realized it only very recently that while I'm a pretty avid sports fan, I'm not that interested in stats and numbers. When I talk to my friends about sports, I'm not talking about plus/minus or quarterback ratings, I'm talking about the Pirates alternate cap or the Chargers powder blue jerseys. I love to watch the games, and I love the way they look...I've always dug logos and uniforms, and to find a place so devoted to their study is a wonderful thing.

It was also great to do an interview with someone outside the comics milieu...as much as I love talking with all the various sites and podcasts out there, the questions, by necessity, tend to be along the same lines. To mix it up a bit was a blast!

And as a welcome to any regular Uni Watch readers making their first visit here, here's an alternate version of the Mets girl illo posted in the interview. It's the same drawing, except that here she's wearing the 2008 version of the Mets jersey...the differences are slight, but I'm sure the Uni Watchers will notice!



About a week or so ago, my pal Jay Geldhof suggested on his blog that he and I take a crack at drawing the same character...we settled on Aayla Secura, that blue Jedi chick from the Star Wars prequels, and got to it. We agreed to post them today, and although he beat me by a good six hours, I managed to bring it in on time.

The results are pretty good, I think...there're some coloring issues on my end that I think coulda worked out better, but overall, I guess I'm happy with it. I especially like the way Jay handled the lightsaber on his piece, and while I'll blame the underwhelming quality of mine on time constraints, in reality I could've had another three weeks and it probably wouldn't matter.

Also, following the big guy's lead, I'm posting the sketchbook page in which I worked out a bunch of possible poses before settling on one. I might take another crack at it if I get the itch!


Jammie Pants

Photo-reffed from a picture I can't seem to relocate.


Big 'uns

Well, what did you expect with a title like that?


The Lust Issue

Because I live in a conservative-ass city where the puritanical age never really ended, all the local "alt-weeklies" are either hopelessly stodgy or corporate-run toilet paper. So it's nice to do the occasional job for out-of-town clients like Detroit's Metro Times, whose annual Lust Issue is on the stands this week. Among other scandalous features is the sex survey...the answers and opinions to an online questionnaire leave little to the imagination, and I was happy to provide spot illustrations for a few of them.




By Popular Demand

Enough football talk...time to get back to what this blog is all about. Namely, cartoon T & A!


Internet Dating

A couple do's and don't's...well, actually, just don't's...when it comes to internet dating, from the current issue of Richmond Magazine. Ladies, don't use your glamour shots for the profile pic...and dudes, don't lie about your height!



Un-fucking-believable. I take back everything bad I ever said about football.

And Coach Belicheat...what a class act, eh? Leaves the field early, then doesn't even give the obligatory "Congrats to the Giants" in his terse postgame interview. I always knew he was a dick.