Small Biz Saturday / Cyber Monday

Hey gang! I just lowered a bunch of original art prices BY HALF for Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday. No codes or any of that jazz, just pop over and buy someone (or yourself) a kickass Xmas present!



Now Accepting Commissions!

I'm now taking orders for the custom sports pin-up commissions...and here's some handy-dandy info to get you on your way!

My standard rate for doing the single-figure sports commissions is $250...for that price you'll get both the original hand drawn art (size 11" x 14" or thereabouts) , plus a couple fancy color prints of the image with all the logos, uniform details, etc. in there. That may sound kinda steep, but keep in mind that it's a totally one of a kind item, and that you can be specific with details such as likeness, number for the jersey, and other fun stuff like that.

As far as how she'll look... It in no way has to be based on a real person...but if it is, few photos would help, as well as a few words of description, just so's I get everything right. As a cursory glance around my site will tell you, I'm not exactly a portrait painter, so what I go for with the drawings is a "cartoon" version of the girl...trust me, you'll dig it! Take a look around virtually ANY page on the blog here, and you'll see literally HUNDREDS of examples to use as inspiration.

(and of course, your options are not limited to wives and girlfriends...couples, kids, entire families...As you'll see in the examples below, I'm happy to talk with you about any and all commission ideas. Prices vary by project, so hit me with your ideas!)

I'll do a quick sketch and send it to you, just to make sure you're okay with the pose and all that, and then get working on the final. At this point, I'm GUARANTEEING delivery by Christmas for all orders placed by December 12th! But please, DON'T DELAY...the sooner we solidify your order, the better!

If you dig the commissions, but are unsure of which team your giftee would prefer, there's always the possibility of a Uni-Girl Gift Certificate! I'll send you a classy, personalized certificate enclosed in a full-color card, which can then be redeemed at any time for an illustration of the recipient's choosing!

So, that's my schpiel. If you are interested, or if you have any additional questions, please contact me via my email address,  robullman at me dot com, and we can discuss schedules and such! I truly look forward to working with you!




The Carolina Hurricanes stealthily upgraded their look a couple years back, which was already pretty strong to begin with. Can you believe in only a season or two it'll be TWO DECADES since they left Hartford?


Dona Barbara

From Alexis Ziritt's excellent "Space Riders"
Inktober, Day 23



Inktober, Day 14


I Miss Baseball

Inktober, Day 13


Who Knows What Evil Lurks...

Inktober, Day 9


Lily St. Evil

Pat Lewis' Lily St. Evil, from "The Claws Come Out"
Inktober, Day 4


Oakland A's

The Oakland A's were among my earliest favorite MLB teams, attributable, no doubt, to the fact that the first team I played for way back in spring of 1st grade was called the Athletics (coincidentally, the team we lost the championship to two games to one was called the Pirates). To this day, they have lots to recommend them, chief among them fans as beautiful as their unis!


Heroes Con 2015!



The doggone Cardinals are unstoppable...but it's hard to hate a fan base with such great aesthetics!


Stanley Cup Finals - It's the Hawks

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

The finals are upon us, and seems to be the case every time (actually, only half the time), the Chicago Blackhawks are representing the western conference, this time facing a game Tampa Bay Lightning squad that has finally put all the pieces together and won the Prince of Wales trophy. The Bolts scraped their way past the Rangers, finally forcing New York to play hockey, and it was fun to watch; similarly, seemingly-overmatched Chicago made it past the Anaheim Ducks, winning game 7 on the road along the way. That's the thing about these Blackhawks, far and away the gold standard in the NHL in the post-lockout era...they beat the teams they're supposed to, they beat the teams they're not supposed to...it just doesn't seem to matter. Injuries, free-agent departures...they believe they're going to win and find a way to get it done. The battle with Tampa figures to be an entertaining one, and I imagine it'll go the distance...and that some way, probably by a single goal in overtime of the seventh game, the Blackhawks will raise the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years. Blackhawks in seven.


Round 2 Excuse-date

Soooooo I never quite got around to writing any capsule picks for round 2, but I did prepare most of the art! Enjoy!


Coming soon to a blue-jean jacket near you!

I recently had some buttons made...I'll post some ordering info once they arrive! I've got a couple ideas for a giveaway in the hopper as well...stay tuned!


Wild Woman


Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2015

The 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs are here, and it's time for this year's edition of pinup girls, picks to win and of course,the Atom-Bomb Bikini Playoff Challenge! Read through to the bottom of this post to see how you can win some art, books, stickers and other great stuff!

EASTERN CONFERENCE – Atlantic Division Semifinals

(1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (WC1) Ottawa Senators

Boy, it's really great that the Sens managed to get into the playoffs, ain't it? Of that final cluster of three teams vying for the two wild card spots, Ottawa was by far the most deserving. They've basically been playing playoff hockey since St. Patrick's Day, and while there's always a chance they'll knock off the mighty Canadiens, I think the clock has finally struck midnight on their Cinderella story.   Habs in six.

(2) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

It's the Red Wings against the Blue Wings. Two teams, great on D, with exciting forwards and the ability to score a lot of dazzling, pretty goals.  Bolts in six.

EASTERN CONFERENCE – Metropolitan Division Semifinals

(1) New York Rangers vs. (WC2) Pittsburgh Penguins

The Rangers are feeling their oats. A bunch of moves and events that I figured would blow up in their faces (Rick Nash, Lundqvist's injuries) have instead propelled them to the top of the league and won them the President's Trophy. Last year's run to the finals seems to have emboldened them, and they know they can win.
The Penguins, on the other hand, are a dumpster fire, and needed a narrow victory over the worst team in the NHL on the season's last day to back into the playoffs. While it's true they've been beset with injuries all season, nothing they've done to solve their problems has worked, and the entire organization has at times seemed like it's being run by the three stooges. You hear a lot of "Anytime you have Crosby and Malkin on your team…" from out-of-towners, but anyone who's watched the team all year knows they have virtually no shot. They're fragile as kittens, the power play is a liability, and the only thing the top scorers have been producing since St. Patrick's Day are excuses. I can't imagine they'll even win a game, but I'll be conservative and say Rangers in five.

(2) Washington Capitals vs. (3) New York Islanders

The Caps and Isles have been jockeying for position all season, and when New York faltered a a bit down the stretch, Washington slid into that second spot, earning home ice for the first round. They're pretty evenly matched, and as much as I feel like the last playoff run in Nassau Coliseum will give a lift to the Isles, the Caps seem to be hitting their stride.  Caps in seven.

WESTERN CONFERENCE – Central Division Semifinals

(1) Nashville Predators vs. (WC1) Minnesota Wild

The Blues went on a tear at the end of the season to pull ahead of Nashville for the top spot in the Central, earning them a matchup with the wild-card Minnesota. They're still the Blues, though, which is what they'll be crying when Devan Dubnyk and the Wild shut them down. Wild in seven.

(2) Nashville Predators vs. (3) Chicago Blackhawks

Nashville led the Western Conference most of the way this season, before cooling off towards the end, going winless in their last six games to surrender the top spot to the Blues. Chicago, meanwhile, has kept on keeping on, and will welcome superstar patrick Kane back into the fold soon, most likely sometime in this series. Still, I think the Predators will get it done. That "Smashville" nonsense is gonna get really old. Preds in six.

WESTERN CONFERENCE – Pacific Division Semifinals

(1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (WC2) Winnipeg Jets

The city of Winnipeg finally gets back to the playoffs, and they figure to give Anaheim all they can handle in a long series. Jets in seven.

(2) Vancouver Canucks vs. (3) Calgary Flames

I'll be honest with you...I haven't watched a single damn minute of the Canucks OR Flames this season...but I'm super happy to see Calgary back in the postseason, and I think this will be a really even, entertaining series to watch. Flames in seven.

Now on to the contest...


As in years past, the rules are simple...pick the teams you think will advance to the final four, the conference champions, and the eventual Stanley Cup winner. One point for each correct final four pick, two for each final two pick, and three for picking the champs. Whoever has the most points when that cup is hoisted in June will win the big prize! 

Here's what you're playing for: The big winner will receive a custom piece of original artwork of a pinup girl wearing the jersey of his or her favorite team, along with both issues of Old-Timey Hockey Tales, a pack of Atom-Bomb stickers and a free t-shirt of your choice from the wonderful folks at Original Retro Brand!  Two runners-up will just get the books and stickers...and in case of a tie, I'll put all the names in a hockey helmet and select a winner at random.

How to enter: Write your picks in the comments section of this here blog post. Not on Facebook, not on Twitter, not in an email, but in the comments section of this post. And an onslaught of much needed work has made it impossible for me to finish the art on time, so everybody gets one free game! That's right, you have until the pucks drop on Friday night to enter!

And finally, please, if you have a Twitter handle or something like that that you wouldn't mind adding to your post, that'd be great....I don't want to have a prize go unclaimed because I had no way of getting in contact with the winner! Enjoy the playoffs, folks (I figure my interest lasts five games at most *grumble*)... and good luck!

And of course...

CRASS COMMERCIALISM DEPT: All of the original, hand-drawn art for this year's Stanley Cup picks will be on sale soon...but much of the art from previous years is currently available at my Etsy store!

Of course, if you'd like to go the extra mile and get a personalized, one-of-a-kind uni-girl illustration of your very own to your exact specifications, that information can be found here.

The Playoff Challenge is coming...

...but thanks to an untimely but welcome onslaught of work, I'm behind on the art!

I'll post at least SOME of it by later tonight, with a cutoff date of Friday at noon for getting your picks in.


Top o' the Mornin' to Ya!


Long As You Got Me...

A few weeks back, I illustrated this commission for a friend of a friend as a Valentine's gift. With a tight deadline to meet, I think it came together pretty well! If you'd be interested in such a thing, you know where to find me!




Glitter Bomb!

I've thought for years that my style would mesh well with the roller derby aesthetic, but I never got around to exploring it until I was approached for this commission. I might be onto something!


Hockey in Vegas

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work on this super fun cover for Vegas Seven magazine, and I talked about my process and it's creation over at Uni Watch this morning! Uni Watch is one of my very favorite places on the web, run by some of the very best people in the cyberworld...please, check it out.


Those Penguins Throwbacks

Doesn't get much better as hockey uniforms go, if you ask this guy.


Sometimes Weekends are Quiet...

...and sometimes your partner is a sports fan.


Lessons in Car Theft

from The Stranger.


The Greatest Pirate

Roberto Clemente, 8/18/1934 – 12/31/1972


Happy Winter Classic Day 2015

All appearances to the contrary... I'll be rooting for the Blackhawks! Happy New Year!