Folded Hands

I keep telling myself, "Draw some girls with clothes on...Look thru some catalogs, put 'em in some cool outfits..." And yet here we are.


Happy Valentimes!


Shows and Such

A couple bits of news for you here, catching you patient few up on what's been going on...

Through the end of February, I'll have some artwork hanging at Stir Crazy Cafe here in Richmond. It's my local coffee shop, which I often (only somewhat) jokingly refer to as my office because I spend at least a couple hours working there almost every day. No real theme, just a collection of original art, digital prints and silkscreens, but it sure is nice to see all your stuff hanging all fancy-like on the wall in a huge public space.

And speaking of fancy, I also have a piece in an exhibition called Love Gone Wrong at Artspace gallery. Curated by Santa De Haven, it's a veritable celebration of heartbreak! I illustrated a piece entitled "He did not want to say goodbye", based on an excerpt from a novel-in-progress by Alan Cheuse (who's name you'll recognize if you ever listen to NPR). It's a great little exhibit and runs for another few weeks!


Flyers Winter Classic

I know, right? Disgusting. Sorry, everybody.

Somebody please buy this so I can get it out of my damn house already.