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More Commissions!

A few more!


Some Commissions

Now that Xmas has come and gone, I figure it's safe to post some of the sketch card commissions I've been doing all month!


Sketch Cards

Hey gang... In an attempt to fund some projects I'd like to get going in the next few months here, I'm offering sketch cards, now through whenever I get busy, for just $18 + shipping. That's less than a con sketch!

More details here.


Hershey Bears

Kind of on an AHL kick this week. Who do you wanna see next?


Charlotte Checkers

More AHL:


Baby Pens

At least they're playing hockey...



Friends, believe me when I say I am as sick of the trolling for shoppers as the rest of you... However, my limited business sense demands I tell you that I added lots of brand-spankin' new original art, sketch cards and prints to the Atom-Bomb Bikini Etsy shop this weekend, and that you can save 20% on said goods using the code CYBER2012!

The code is good through December 10th, so use it early and often, and as always... Thanks!


The History of Pornography

I created this a couple weeks back for the Las Vegas Weekly, who thankfully seem to send a good bit of their more lascivious illustration projects my way. It accompanied an article about a UCSB professor, who created a course on the history of pornography back in the 90s, hosting a talk at UNLV.


Dr. Sketchy Scribbles

Last night, I finally had an opportunity to catch a DR. Sketchy's drawing session here in Richmond. It's been forever since I made it to one, as something always seems to pop up and prevent me from going. Luckily, the model this time around, the lovely Tenshi no Itami, was really fun to draw, in no small part because of the Lady Gaga cosplay jam she had going on, complete with her own latex "meat dress"!

Some o' my scribbles:



Pirate Girl

Raise those Jolly Rogers...


Happy Halloween!


Sad Ghost


I Approve This Message

I worked this up for The Stranger, to accompany their list of endorsements for the upcoming election, including the legalization of gay marriage and limited marijuana possession and the re-election of our Muslim Socialist president. Being, as I have so often been accused, in the tank for Obama, I wanted to portray him with angel wings, a halo, and a dick the size of the Florida panhandle. Thank heaven the editors brought me to my senses!



From a recent Stranger article, about a Seattle millionaire and longtime Sonics fan teaming up with the mayor and city council to get a new arena built and return NBA basketball to the city.


Black Betty

T-Shirt Update

Hey, all, just wanted to hip all of you fine folks who pre-ordered the "Wanted" shirt with a status update...

There are no snafus with production, etc, but every step along the way has taken a little bit longer than I expected it would. I ended up leaving the pre-order period open for a few extra days, which added a little time on the back end. They should be printing this week, and ready to go out for delivery early to middle of next week, so please just bear with me just a little bit longer! It's my first time going with this crowd-sourced pre-order model...I promise the next one will go smoother!

Thanks a million for your patience...I adore you all!


Ultra Lass


If You Say So...

This one could benefit from some inking.


Tank Top

I should try to do one of these sketch cards every day for like a year.




Diggin' these sketch cards lately...


Richmond Zine Fest 2012

Hey, y'awl! Tomorrow I'll be set up at Richmond Zine Fest, the River City's best local show! It'll be my first time exhibiting since 2008, as one event after another has conspired against me every year since then, so I'm pretty excited about it! Joining me will be my pal Jared Cullum, who'll actually be handling the reins solo the latter part of the day, since I have a five-year old's birthday party to go to (See what I mean?). But by all means, come out, say hi...you don't even have to buy anything, though Jared and I'd sure appreciate it!

It's at the Gay Community Center of Richmond, that faaaabulous rainbow-painted building you can see from I-95, from 11-6 this Saturday, October 6th. Really, you should totally come...it's gonna be fun.

Also, a quick reminder, today is the LAST day to pre-order your Atom-Bomb Bikini "Wanted" t-shirt. I'll be printing a few extras, but really not many at all, so if you want a guaranteed size and color, I implore you to set one aside for yourself now. Thanks.


Orange Pencil


Queen Heggra

Kirby swipe on a sketch card.


'Stache Bash

Apparently this is a real thing! From SF Weekly.


Down By the Water


Sugar Strip

More years ago than I care to remember, I drew this comic strip, which saw print in issue one of my From the Curve mini-comic, about going to see Bob Mould's fantastic band Sugar on their File Under: Easy Listening tour in fall of 1994. It's one of my favorite records of all time...probably my favorite of the three Sugar LPs. I was completely obsessed with all things Bob Mould in my early twenties...his music tapped into every emotion I had...frustration and loneliness, but also boundless hope and exuberant joy. Sugar was perhaps Mould at his very best, superlative in every way. Of course, if you're reading this blog, you don't need me to tell you that.

Anyway, a remastered, deluxe edition of that record, containing 20+ bonus tracks, is currently on sale at Amazon for the criminally low price of $5. You're welcome.


Diamonds are a Girls Worst Enemy - Pg. 14

This was a fun one!


New Duds! It's the Atom-Bomb Bikini "WANTED" T-Shirt Preorder Party


I get asked all the time if I ever print any t-shirts. I'd love to do a new one every month, but budgetary realities being what they are, I just don't have enough cash laying around to drop a few hundred clams on a shirt order. So, I'm gonna follow a trend and do the next best thing...Offer a pre-order! 

I scribbled up this little ditty in my sketchbook awhile back, and figured it'd be a cool design with which to dip my toe back into the shirt-making pool. If it does well, I'll feel empowered to make more... and if it does lousy, well, I'll finally get the hint and stick to mini-comics!

Anyway, this one-color design will be printed on either a white/navy blue or heather/navy blue ringer t-shirt, using only the finest water-based inks for maximum softness. These things are gonna be like butta', people!

As an extra bonus, the first 25 orders will receive a free set of Atom-Bomb Bikini stickers, as well as a sticker of the t-shirt image. They're available in sizes S-XXL, and will ship by mid-October. Best of all, it can be yours for just $16 plus shipping!
So are ya sold yet? Are ya? Then get that clickin' finger ready and CLICK HERE! And thank you SO MUCH!


Sketch Cards

Last Friday night before SPX, I went back to the hotel room cause I was feeling tired and a little under the weather, and wanted to rest up for the big impending Saturday crowds. I couldn't get to sleep, however, so I watched A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas and drew some sketch cards. Meant to put 'em on the table to sell at the show but forgot about 'em! Enjoy!


Animal Alphabet

It's here! My Animal Alphabet Sketchbook! It's 28 pages of animal drawings, suitable for all ages (Evie  has already colored two-thirds of the copy I gave her). It also has three different covers... I'm getting in one the early-90s Marvel Comics business model... so be sure to specify which one you prefer!

This was a fun book to work on, and I'm glad I finally finished it. I hope you'll dig it too!

Order Animal Alphabet here!


Diamonds are a Girls Worst Enemy - Pg. 13

Whew! Funny how a little vacation break turns into an entire month!

If this is your first visit, welcome! Please, have a look around! I don't usually use this many exclamation points!

SPX Haul!


SPX 2012

SPX 2012 begins in just one week! I'll be at table W69 (*snicker*)... you can juuuust make it out on the map there. I'll have copies of the brand new, finally finished Animal Alphabet sketchbook, Bluelines, Hockey Tales, Atom-Bomb Bikini, and literally a table full of other good stuff. Be there or be square!

Atom-Bomb Bikini at SPX2012