Kick-Save, and a Beauty!

I'd never heard of the Michigan Tech Huskies before being commissioned by my pal Dustin to create this illustration. I must say, they are some snazzy dressers!


The Rocket vs. Killer Dill

I recently finished a new Old-Timey Hockey Tales strip, and it's posted over at the fantastic, essential Puck Daddy blog! Please jog on over and have a look. Comments encouraged, of course.

If you've come here from Puck Daddy, welcome! Stretch out, have a look around... the site is practically choking on hockey art, but if more hockey strips are your thing, you can find shortcuts to a few here, here and here!

Bronx Bombers

You can hate the Yankees for winning all the time, but you can't deny the appeal of those pinstripes!


The Hawks of Winter

How about those Chicago Blackhawks? 22 points and still without a regulation loss!


Jenny, I Got Your Number

Let's just say, I'd hate to be the guy assigned the phone number 867-5309.


Fattest of the Fat Cats

Ah, the Monopoly Man...the fattest cat of them all!