A Promise

I swear I'm going to stop talking about football very soon!

Stillerette Sticker!

They're here! Get your Steelerette sticker now with the handy PayPal button below! I gotta say, they came out great...I'm really happy with the job the printer did.

They're a measly two bucks each, and measure just over five inches tall. I'll have them out to you in time to celebrate next week!

As an extra bonus, everyone who orders a sticker (or anything else from the store) between today and next Friday (2/6) will be entered in a drawing to win one of two Big Ben Roethlisberger MacFarlane figures I have on hand! It's kind of an embarrassing story...I went a little nuts last time the Steelers were in the Super Bowl, and bought a half dozen of 'em as an "investment".

Thanks everybody! And GO STEELERS!


Black Canary

A commission from awhile back:



I was really happy with how this illo for the Boston Phoenix turned out...from the minute Kristen ( the PHX's fine art director) described it to me over the phone, I knew it had major potential.

It examines the phenomena of people reconnecting via sites like Facebook and hooking up after not seeing each other for a decade or more. And the term they use to describe the practitioners of this trend—retrosexuals—is downright hilarious!


Blue Girls


So Long, Shithead

I was tempted, especially on the night before Barack Obama's historic inauguration, to let bygones be bygones and skip posting this image altogether. It was done back in December for the Boston Phoenix, to accompany a story detailing the myriad reasons why the planet will be better off once Bush is out of power. Some of the reasons seem...I dunno, a little spurious...like maybe the research has been exaggerated a bit to fit the premise. Maybe not...hell, I'm not a scientist. But several other articles, editorials, etc, that I've read over the last few days made me realize why it's a drawing worth putting up on the blog.

The Bush presidency has been a complete disaster, and while I'm far from naive enough to think the new boss will come in and wave a magic wand and wipe all our problems away, it sure feels good to know that there's someone thoughtful, intelligent and yeah, inspiring at the helm.

I'm a fairly forgiving sort by nature, so it's tempting to think that since the Bush years are over, let's let bygones be bygones and move on. But then you take a look back over the last eight years and remember the inane blunders and horrible decisions, the strident, divisive "If you don't agree with me then you're not a true American" attitude...and it's really pretty unforgivable.


High School Musical 2

This illustration ran in last week's edition of the Boston Phoenix, in which a couple grizzled, cynical critics take in the stage production of High School Musical 2. Get in touch with your inner tween!


New Traffic and Weather

Another trip to the grocery store! My exciting life...


Miro Satan

I had intended for this illustration to be a much bigger deal...when the Penguins signed Miroslav Satan (pronounced she-TAN) over the summer, I was instantly enthralled with the possibilities. It seemed perfect...I love to draw devil girls and hockey jerseys, and then my favorite team goes and gets a guy named SATAN? I started this drawing right away!

Unfortunately, I waited a bit to long to finish it. After a decent start, ol' Miro has kinda gone in the tank, along with the rest of the Penguins, who have lost seven of their last eight games...most of those games having been played against crappy teams. So, my plans for a spectacular, Mellon-Arena-on-fire background have been shelved indefinitely. Still, it's a fun image. Enjoy!


Hooked Up

Huyk hyuk hyuk...


Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!

Not much of a post today, as I'm trying to wrap up some freelance stuff before going over to John's house to watch the Pittsburgh/San Diego playoff game with a bunch of friends...among them my pal Brian, who I let tag along with me to Heinz Field back in November, despite the fact he's a Chargers fan.

Go Steelers.


Ginger Classic

Late posting today, due to my sitting on my ass all afternoon recovering from the Ginger Classic, an inline Iron-man hockey tournament organized by carrot-topped super-hero Chase Vaughn. My wife actually came out to the rink to spectate and brought the camera, but unfortunately, the only action shots she got of me were when I was trying to stop Evie from stealing someone's gatorade. Thankfully, Chase's pal Matt snapped some shots as well.

EDIT: Goalie Patrick Snyder's wife was also taking photos, and got me in an actual action (as in, I'm moving) shot! Srsly, the best part of my game is the Whalers jersey.


Power Girl

Hope I have time to ink and color this someday soon.


Wrigley's Believe It or Not

Hope you've been keeping up with my Traffic and Weather strip over at Richmond Magazine dot Com. This week: The NHL Winter Classic!


Cabbage Patch Frenzy


Karate Kids

I got an assignment last year from University of Virginia Magazine about martial arts clubs on campus. It was fairly straightforward, just talking about the different options available to students and the good physical and mental health benefits that go along with participation...in other words, nothing negative for me to focus on! So, I took a different approach, looked at a ton of books about martial arts, and created all these small figures of people practicing the various disciplines, whcih were in turn spaced throughout the layout. Now, being that I don't know Aikido from Feng Shui, I'm sure I'm far less than accurate on a few of these poses...so if you see something I have wrong, and want to leave a comment about it, please don't bother, because I DON'T CARE.




Strange and Stranger

One of my absolute best and favorite clients is The Stranger...they give me all kinds of kooky things to draw!


Painted Ladies

Here are some new sketches, used as the basis for a couple watercolor paintings I'm far too fragile to post here.



My Half-Assed Best of 2008

Even though they're overdone, I kinda love reading year-end best-of lists...now that I'm old and can barely manage to stay even remotely ahead of the curve on stuff like movies and especially music, I find them to be pretty helpful in finding stuff I missed over the course of the past year. I myself, however, often have a hard time coming up with lists like this...mainly because I'm usually catching up on last year's music until July or August!

So, you've been warned.


Sloan-Parallel Play This record seems to get no respect, even among fans of the band. While not approaching the heights of '07's Never Hear the End of It, it's still rock-solid, especially the first three tracks.

Deerhunter-Microcastle It took me awhile to decide whether I liked this massively-hyped indie darling, and I still haven't completely figured out why...But yeah, it's pretty great.

Baseball Project-Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails I was initially just attracted to the track names ("Ted Fucking Williams", "Harvey Haddix"), but I quickly realized this jangly gem was no gimmick, but a knowledgeable, savvy tribute to the national pastime. If you like baseball and know anything about it's history, you'll love this.

Nomo-Ghost Rock I read a good review of this someplace, and gave it a whirl on eMusic. Dig it a lot...all the things I like about Tortoise and Artanker Convoy, but kinda...I dunno, funkier?

Apples in Stereo-New Magnetic Wonder Okay, this actually came out in 2007, but it's probably the record I listened to most in the past year. Just great.

I should probably mention that I downloaded all of the records on this list from eMusic, which is a pretty colossal source for good music (especially if your tastes tend toward the independent labels), and super cheap to boot. If you want to get a bunch of great stuff without all the illegal downloading or paying .99 a track, that's the place.


I'd be surprised if I even saw five movies in the theater last year...I went to see Cloverfield, Iron Man, Wall•E, and The Dark Knight, all of which I enjoyed. Didn't get around to even seeing many of last year's critical darlings either, except for No Country for Old Men, which, great film or not, I pretty thoroughly disliked, and Michael Clayton, which was easily the best movie I watched all year.


Brush with Passion: The Life and Art of Dave Stevens I've been waiting for this book forever, and not only did it not disappoint, it exceeded my expectations. Ironically, I get the feeling that had Dave not passed away in March, this book might not have ever been published, perfectionist that he was. It's a loving, magnificent tribute, and makes the fact that he's no longer with us sting just the tiniest bit less.

Sixteen Miles to Merricks by Barnaby Ward The story that takes up about half of the book is good if not terribly overwhelming, but this cat's art is just freaking fantastic.

Skyscrapers of the Midwest by Josh Cotter Skyscrapers is on just about every best-of list I've read this year, and deservedly so. Beautifully drawn and designed, a treasure to read.

Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle Looser and more episodic in scope than Delisle's other travel books, it's just as interesting.

Too Cool to Be Forgotten by Alex Robinson I am so jealous of how easy Alex Robinson makes creating great comics look.

Honorable mentions: Empowered Vols. 3 and 4 by Adam Warren, Freddie and Me by Mike Dawson, Late Nights at Kinko's by Will Pfeifer, The Demon Omnibus by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

Steelerette 2009

Man, am I excited for some Steelers in the playoffs! To celebrate, I created an new version of my Steelerette character from the 2005 Super Bowl run. Soon to be available as a sticker!