I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Crafty Bastards is tomorrow in D.C., and just in time, my shipment of stickers arrived and my copies of Atom-Bomb Bikini #5 made it back from the printer! So, I'll have a ton of cool new stuff for sale! If you're gonna be in or around our nation's capital this weekend, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It's gonna be sweeeet!


Seeing Red

From the upcoming Atom-Bomb Bikini #5:


Bright Eyes

From the upcoming Atom-Bomb Bikini #5:


TV Time

It's Sunday night, and I can't decide which I want to watch less: The piece of shit final season of THE SOPRANOS winning a dozen Emmy Awards, or the piece of shit New England Patriots winning another football game. Guess I'll dick around all night on the internets instead.

Speaking of the Patriots, they really seem to've decided to own this cheating thing...I was shocked to see this t-shirt for sale on their website the other day!

Coming Soon


Shooting for an A

From this month's "Olden Times" in Virginia Living Magazine:
"As the students of Campbell County’s Union Hill School arrived for the start of classes in the fall of 1932, they were armed with the critical supplies required for the coming year: books, clothing and, of course, their Winchester rifles. They would put the weapons to use almost immediately, mounting an aggressive attack on an insidious school enemy. Mice and rats were running rampant throughout the campus."


Baltimore Postgame

Had a great weekend at the Baltimore Comicon....I haven't been since the show's infancy back in 2001, and its evolved into a pretty amazing, fun show. J Chris and I were talking about how one of the best things about it is that, like Heroes Con (and unlike those awful Wizard shows and, increasingly, San Diego), it's all about comics. Odd that that should be the exception rather than the norm, but that's this crazy business for you.

Anyhow, with J Chris a little under the weather and me wanting to do nothing more than have an uninteruppted night's sleep for the first time in ten weeks, we decided to avoid the festivities of the Harvey Awards Saturday night and just hang out at the burrito place next to the convention center, drink some sodies, and catch up on everything. It was pretty awesome.


Bal'mer Comicon

I don't know why it always seems to happen this way, but it always does. I've been so busy taking care of the midget this week that I completely forgot to mention that I'll be exhibiting at the Baltimore Comicon this weekend! I'll be driving up and sharing space in Artist's Alley (Space # 95-96, to be exact) with the lovely and talented J. Chris Campbell. I'll have all of my comics on hand to sell, along with Lurid.com T-shirts, buttons, and tons of original art. I'll also be doing as many sketches as time and fatigue will allow! Unfortunately, my stickers won't be arriving from the printer in time to have them at the show...but watch this space for details about how you can order them later this month, or pick them up in person at Crafty Bastards or SPX!

It'll be my first trip to Baltimore since becoming hooked on THE WIRE, which, while I don't think I'll be signing up for the Reality Tour anytime soon, has given me a strong affection for the city...as opposed to the deep, burning hatred I've long felt for their NFL team, the Ravens.


Tool Time

Back in 2001, my wife and I took our first trip together, to New York City to visit some friends. One day while strolling about, we stopped into this great stationery store in midtown and, among other things, I picked up a 6"x9" Cachet Ecru sketchbook. I thought the off-white paper was really cool and would be fun to draw on. Since then, it's been my sketchbook of choice. I've gone through about a dozen of these sketchbooks since buying that first one. I've bought a few at the bigger (7"x10") and smaller (5"x7") sizes too, just to switch things up a bit (the big one is especially fun to mess around with), but the ol' 6"x9" is the one I constantly carry around. Any idea I have, every illustration I do (not to mention every strip in Lunch-Hour Comix), pretty much begins here.

They're a little hard to find, so I buy them one or two at a time via mail order from Dick Blick. I somehow just can't even stand to sketch on plain white paper anymore, so I don't want to risk running out and having to settle for something else. I'm always trying out new stuff, but I'm pretty picky about my art supplies, and I tend to find something that works and stick with it.

The spread. My goal is to trade them for a house in France someday:

Looks somewhat impressive all stacked up, I guess:

I always stamp the date inside the front cover I begin a new book. I'd never remember otherwise:


Granny Panties

From 2005's Atom-Bomb Bikini #4...old lady underwear never looked so good!