Q is for Quail

I was gonna try and come up with something a little more obscure, but then I remembered that goofy little thing quails have coming off their foreheads and had to draw it. Plus this make three birds in a row (four if you count the heron I drew at the beach last week, in hopes of filling in the blanks of my Animal Alphabet posting schedule)!

FOUND: Atom-Bomb Bikini #4

Browsing one of Richmond's crappier comics shops a couple weeks back, I discovered that one of the copies of Atom-Bomb Bikini #4 I sold them back in 2005 or so languishing on a shelf in the back of the store where nobody would ever find it. It's been out of print forever...I ran out of copies in 2007 or thereabouts...so I decided to just buy the damn thing back from them and offer it to any blog readers who might've missed out the first time around.

It's on etsy now...act fast, there's seriously only one of these to be had. I'll throw in a mess of free stickers to whoever grabs it up.

EDIT: And it's gone! Thanks, A. If I ever uncover another copy, I'll be sure & post it!


P is for Predictable

...and of course, penguin. If you didn't see this one coming, shame on you for six weeks.


Girl Friday



From University of Virginia Magazine, an article on students who elect to volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity over their spring and summer breaks.


O is for Owl

I read a book when I was a young kid...something about barn owls, I think it took place somewhere in Canada...Saskatchewan, I think. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I'd love to hunt it down and read it to the kids.

Career Gag

This one I could actually see The New Yorker digging.


The Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins

FINALLY! It's taken almost three years, but another Boston team has finally won a championship! Our long national nightmare is over!

In all seriousness, congrats to the Bs. A likable team, and a well-deserved championship!

EDIT: Honestly, the things I do for you people...


N is for Narwhal

I was out of town all last week and didn't have access to a scanner...so my Animal Alphabet post is a little late. Not that I was in any real hurry to post it anyway, because it's pretty awful! But I did it, so here it is. I'll try and make up for it this week.