St. Looie Blues

I can finally share some'a these commissions from the last few months, now that Christmas has come' n gone and they've been gifted!


Merry Christmas, All!

Hope you're safe and happy, wherever you are!



The Hammer of the Law

I did this illustration a few years back, about a superstar lawyer in Texas. Confirms a lot of long-standing perceptions I have about how things work in Texas!


Cougar Team

This commission was done for Stephanie V., who plays ice hockey for a women's team in Boston. They call themselves the Cougar Express! Great stuff.


10k Fail

Every year I run the Monument Avenue 10k here in Richmond. I've noticed in the last couple years, and in 2011 especially, the design on the t-shirts they give to all the runners has been incredibly bad. So, when I saw a postcard advertising a contest to design the 2012 version I figured it was time to put my own skills to the test.

 Right away I decided to focus on Richmond's historic Monument Avenue itself as part of the design...not the monuments themselves, as that idea has been kind of played out, but on the beautiful old rowhouses and mansions that line the brick streets. The beautiful scenery is really one of the most enjoyable aspects of the run. I sketched out a rough, then scanned it in and drew it in Illustrator, figuring that format would give me the most leeway to move the buildings and runners around. The deadline was November 1, and falling as close to Halloween as it did, I ended up having to rush the artwork a bit as things around the house got really busy. Still, I finally ended up with a nice balance and a composition I could live with, so I sent it in late Halloween night, already spending the $1,000 in prize money in my head.

 Unfortunately, I received an email last week telling me that my design hadn't been selected. I haven't seen the winning layout yet, but I'm extremely anxious to harshly judge it. Guess I'll have to wait 'til March!


Avs Girl

I keep going back to this pose...but results are results!


Cheeky Aquagirl, and 800 Posts!

This is the 800th post on Atom-Bomb Bikini! This blog has been going for over six years now, and though I'm often disappointed with myself about how seldom I post (especially lately), I continue to be grateful to everyone who visits regularly!

Anyway, wanted to share a recent Aquagirl commission I did...full, for-real color coming soon. Enjoy!


Win Twins!




Hell Hath No Fury

From the current issue of Virginia Living:

"On a November Saturday night around 8 p.m., a jealous Ocie Dunn went to the home of the single Henry Fugate in Hurt, in Pittsylvania County, where Dunn’s wife, Dorothy, was “visiting.” Once there, Dunn just blew up."


Red Sketchin'


The Doctor is In

A basketball image? What the hell?

This was some concept art for a project that didn't work out. Hope you dig it!


Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate

Friend of the blog Todd V. contacted me late last summer about creating some artwork to be used at a big tailgate party that his bar, Cypress St. Pint & Plate in Atlanta, would be co-hosting for the University of Georgia/Georgia Tech rivalry game on Thanksgiving weekend. Hilariously nicknamed "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate", the rivalry dates back to 1893 (!) with UGA holding the series lead 62-39 (with five ties). The bulldogs won the most recent contest as well, by a score of 31-17.


Sleepy Blog

I've been a little sleepy about keeping up with the ol' blog lately, so I'm gonna go ahead and try to get back on track by doing a post every day to close out the year. Keep your peepers peeled, people...there's some good stuff a'comin'!