Holiday Sale!

Folks, everything in the webshop (with the exception of the sports commissions) and at my Etsy Store is on sale all week for 20% off! Please, skate on over and enter the code "holiday10" to save some bucks!

Also, all orders will receive a special Atom-Bomb Bikini Christmas card!


Swann on Sale

As post-Thanksgiving sales go, you could do a lot worse than Mitchell and Ness's 40% off deal all weekend. You can even pick up Swannie's Super Bowl X jersey! He was unquestionably my favorite Steeler growing up (though I still probably wouldn't'a voted for him in 2006!).


Devil Yoga!

This piece was for a new client...kind of. Supremely talented art director Benjamen Purvis hired me to do a few of my all-time favorite illos while he was at the helm of Las Vegas Weekly a few years back. Ben has moved to Seattle and begun working for a beautiful magazine called Seattle Met, and recently got in touch with me to provide some art for his new book.

The story was a light piece poking fun at a local pastor who'd made some kind of dull-witted equation between practicing yoga and practicing satanism. His idea was for an over-the-top devil yoga instructor lasciviously hovering over an unsuspecting young student. Always nice to know I'm the first guy folks think of when they need something seedy drawn!

Anyway, as it turns out, it was too lascivious, and had to be toned down just a smidge for print. I received a copy of the issue in the mail today, and even with the changes, the whole production looked pretty fantastic. Here's hoping I get another chance to provide more art sometime soon!


Wednesday Night

Soon to be colored, and made into a print. (and just in time for the holidays! What a coinkydink!)


Special Edition

Back when the Atom-Bomb Bikini hardcover came out, I was toying with the idea of including an original 6"x6" pencilled pin-up in a limited number of copies. Didn't really have much time to sink into the idea, so I scrapped it, but not before I worked up a couple of examples.


How the Cavs Got Their Colors

This illustration from the latest issue of UVa Magazine helps tell the story of an orange and blue scarf that led the University of Virginia to choose their school colors back in the late 1800's. The actual scarf still exists!


Weekly Sketch 11/11


Gator Bait

This piece is running in the current issue of Virginia Living, accompanying the humorous tale of a southside Richmond man who was stunned to discover an alligator under his neighbor's porch early one morning in 1910.


Post-script: Clemson

This goes out to Tom, who posted in the comments section of the previous post. As it happened, the Clemson book I mentioned never materialized beyond the thumbnail stage, but for this single image that I created as an example. I wish it had; that Tiger mascot was pretty fun to draw!


From the Vaults: High Point University

I found the original art for this job as I was rifling through my archives last night, trying to locate some reference for another project I'm currently working on. I had almost completely forgotten all about it!

Just to back up and explain a bit- Back in the early 00's I worked with my pal Chip on a couple of kid's storybooks about college sports mascots. Such things are pretty standard fare at university bookstores and the like, and of wildly varying quality. Anyway, we'd done one for Wake Forest and one for NC State, and had begun working on one for Clemson when this book for Chip's alma mater, High Point University, came up and needed to be completed tout de suite. I finished the whole thing, 14 full-page color illustrations, in a little over two weeks, including one marathon session of inking and coloring over the long, rainy Labor Day weekend of 2005.  

The results? Eh, not bad. My coloring is a bit garish, but it's supposed to be for kids after all. One thing that was weird was that the story seemed more aimed toward older kids who are about to choose a college, in more of a "here are all the cool things about High Point University"vein. But who am I to say, I'm just the drawing monkey!




The Hawk and the Whale

When life gives you lemons...