San Diego Comic-Con: The Sketches

The last couple years at Heroes Con, SPX, Baltimore, wherever, it seems like I get asked to draw a bunch of sketches...but I never remember to take pictures of 'em! So, among the stuff I packed for San Diego was a big pad of bristol board, my little battery-powered pencil sharpener, and of course, the camera.. At it turned out, I didn't do many sketches at all... maybe a little more'n a half-dozen over the 4+ days...and of those, I forgot to photograph about half!

But here're the ones I did remember:

A dead Laura Palmer, for Brett Warnock's TWIN PEAKS sketchbook:

And a Wonder Girl, for Brett's little boy's Teen Titans book:

Power Girl! The only one I didn't ink. There's no way all those spheres don't come out wonky when you're using a brush pen in your lap:

A sexy pirate. This one's my fave:


San Diego Comic-Con: The Haul

About two-thirds of it, anyway. What I managed to lug back in my suitcases. There's more great stuff that I had to ship.


San Antone


Hey, Richmonders! It's a Book Release Party for Atom-Bomb Bikini!

This coming weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con is gonna be crazy...but the following weekend is gonna be crazy right here in the RVA! Beat the summer doldrums and come on out on August 1 to my book release party at Stir Crazy Cafe on MacArthur Ave. in Bellevue. I'll be signing books, doing sketches and there'll be some cool giveaways...plus, a live rock and roll show by Maki!

It's gonna be great, so don't miss it!


San Diego Super Chargers

In honor of my upcoming trip out west, here's a lovely lady sporting the awesome powder blue throwback jersey of the San Diego Chargers. If I was compiling a list of my top five favorite sports jerseys ever, this'd probably be on it!


Atom-Bomb Bikini - Product Shots

What with planning for San Diego Comic Con (again, that's table P-10, folks), trying to keep my head above water with my freelance work, and shipping out all my preorders, I've been remiss in taking and posting some swanky photos of what the book looks like real-live and in person. Thankfully, BrandStudio mastermind Alberto Ruiz is far more on the ball than I am, so I'll offer a few of the ones that he posted recently. His look better anyway, and they have that cool seal!


Once Bitten

Now this was an odd one. Early this spring, I received an email from a woman asking how much it'd cost to create an illustration that could be affixed to the side of a boat. She had a pretty clear idea for the concept, but she needed someone who could illustrate her idea and was a big fan of my work. Initially having absolutely no idea what to charge, I eventually came up with a price and set out to work. A few sketches later, this is what I came up with.

I'm expecting to get some photos of the actual craft soon, and I'll make sure I post 'em when they arrive. But hey, the side of a boat...pretty cool, eh?


Official Outfitter

I re-worked one of my hockey girls a bit to have her modeling the Official Hockey Sweater of Team Atom-Bomb Bikini. It's kind of a sideways riff on the ole' Quebec Nordiques jerseys from back in the day...I always loved the look of those things. +1 to anyone who knows why the Nords were on my mind today.

I'm going to put this image on a note card, and sell them (along with three other designs) as a set at San Diego Comic-Con. If there's any interest, I'll offer 'em on the blog, too!





This week's Traffic and Weather speaks to the ridiculousness that is home ownership. Enjoy!


Rescue at Sea!

The following image is from this month's Virginia Living magazine, in my regular spot on the Olden Times page, detailing quirky and curious anecdotes about the history of the Commonwealth. This month's installment focused on the legendary exploits of Captain John Haff, a living tall-tale based on the eastern Virginia shore during the mid-1800s.

From the story:

"Another time, when a boat was in trouble in a storm, its captain called on Haff specifically for help. Haff dove in, slipped into a rope rig and, swimming, towed the vessel to safety."

True or not, I loved the visual. It wasn't easy settling on a method and palette that'd get across the idea of a nighttime storm at sea, but after some trial and effort, the pale browns and greens seemed to work best. The key was leaving the raindrops white...gives the rain almost a snowstorm feel, swirling and blinding. Not that it mattered to the superhuman Haff!



San Diego Comic Con

Holy crap! Can you believe that the San Diego Comic Con is less than three weeks away? I sure as hell can't!

I've never been to SDCC before, either as a fan or as an exhibitor, but with the new BrandStudio Press book out, I figured there'd never be a better time to take the plunge and make the trip. I'm a little nervous about it...the mere physical size of the thing is daunting, and I'm really hoping I don't get lost in the shuffle, a grain of sand in an ocean of unspeakably talented creators...but however it plays out, I know that it'll be a fantastic time, and that I'll get to hang out with some of my best pals for an extended weekend in the beautiful So Cal weather.

Anyway, I'll be at table P-10 in the Small Press Area, exhibiting as Wide Awake Press alongside comic genius J. Chris Campbell. Make your plans to stop on by now!


Sailor Girl

Happy Birthday America, you beautiful red, white and blue babe, you!

(Image commissioned by Kevin S. Whisman
Lieutenant, U.S. Navy (Retired))




Time is Running Out for Preorders!

I received word yesterday that my shipment of the new Atom-Bomb Bikini book are gonna arrive here early next week! That means that if you preordered the book, you're gonna be receiving your copy and free silkscreened print pretty soon...and that if you haven't yet preordered the book, time is running out to do so and receive your own free silkscreened print!

I'll continue to accept orders through next Wednesday, July eighth. Use the button under the image to the right, and you're all set. And as always, thanks a million!

Yo Gabba Cupcake-a

Today's my little girls SECOND birthday, which I can scarcely believe. These're the rad Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes her mom and grandma made up for the occasion (I personally contributed the one of Gooble).

EDIT: Here's Evie tearing into Toodee's face at 6:15 this morning. The horror!


Brew Crew

Keeping with the Wisconsin theme...