NY Rangers Winter Classic

Gotta love Mike Rupp...


The New Winnipeg Jets

Can't say I'm a huge fan of the jerseys and identity...but it's growing on me!


Daaaaaa Bearss.


Burger Time

A couple years back, I was hired to create an identity for a new all-natural burger joint here in Richmond, Boom Boom Burgers. I came up with a logo, and was involved in creating several supplementary items like business cards, menus and employee t-shirts. I was well on my way to developing a cartoon pitchman  (complete with three nephew sidekicks) for the restaurant, tentatively named "Bobby Boom and the Burger Bunch". Unfortunately, despite good reviews, the place was forced to close after only a few months, thanks to the concept maybe being a little too high-end for the RVA and the overall lousy economy.


Top o' the World, Ma!

If you'll look close at this still of the great Paul Lukas, speaking about whacked-out, modern college football uniforms on today's episode of CBS Sunday Morning, you'll see a couple of my girlie pin-up stickers in the background. Which means my work was on national TV, and on one of my favorite shows, to boot! Sad that it's this exciting to me.

Make sure to watch the video...like almost everything on Sunday Morning, it's aces!


Cosmic Cathouse

Another fantastic gig from Las Vegas Weekly to kick off 2012, this one about a soon-to-open brothel in southern Nevada with a sci-fi theme! I shoulda asked to be paid in "store credit"!