Sticker Fun

I'm having some stickers printed up of the VCU pinup girl! If you're interested in grabbing one (for jus a buck or two, 'natch), please let me know in the comments section...and if you're local, you can drop by Velocity Comics tomorrow and pick one up in person. I'll post an update here (and on my Twitter, @robullman) once I've dropped them off!

EDIT: They've been dropped off at Velocity, so grab while the grabbing's good. Also, I added 'em to my webshop, for those out of town! Please excuse the nominal cost...trust me, they're well-made, durable and totally worth it!



Let's Go Rams

Heaven knows I'm not the biggest basketball fan...but if there's only one hoops event I follow (and trust me, there IS only one), it's the NCAA Tournament. And how can you not be taken with the plucky VCU Rams and their improbable run to the Final Four? I think they're destined to win it all.

Spider Girl

Sussa Paka of 30th century Earth has the power to use her indestructible and malleable hair as weapon. Taking the name Spider Girl, she applied for Legion membership but was rejected on the grounds that her power was lame. She instead became a founding member of the Legion of Super-Villains. She would later become a hero and Legionnaire after the Dominators' takeover of the Earth, but that was at least a couple reboots ago. I think she's a bad guy again now.


Again with the Hockey

Another short Hockey Tales strip almost ready to go. See if you can guess who it's about!


Out with the old, in with the new!

Please forgive the commercial here...I've dropped all my original 2010 Stanley Cup preview pin-up art to half price(which ends up being $30 or less) to make room for the new stuff I'll be listing next month. Use the code BLOWOUT11 at checkout, and you'll receive 50% off...please have a look!

Some of the pieces are pictured below, and there are a few more on the site as well!


WVU Mountaineers

Okay, it's the wrong sport...but the West Virginia Mountaineers are a 5 seed in the East and looking to make some noise in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Hmmm, maybe I should make out a bracket with 64 of my sporty girls...


The Backstop from Behind the Bench

Slowly making progress on Old-Timey Hockey Tales #2. Here's another story about...aw hell, I'll let the pictures tell the tale.


More Work in Progress


Work in Progress