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Bruins Cup

A slightly more complicated illustration here, commissioned by Andrew to give to his dad, a lifelong Bruins fan, as a Christmas present. These requests are never boring!



More cops in trouble, from The Stranger:


Go Team USA!

USA vs Canada Friday morning for a berth in the gold medal game. Go Coach Bylsma and the boys in Red, White and Blue!


Pat Patriot

The Patriots may be a better team since ditching Pat Patriot, but they sure haven't looked as good!


Wonder Woman Redux

Here are a couple behind-the-scenes images leading up the Wonder Woman piece I posted recently, my original page of sketches and the inked line art. As I mentioned, this piece was created for the Trinquette Weekly Drawing Challenge on FB. Trinquette head honcho posts the theme and about a half-dozen images as reference, and you go to town. My initial idea was to tackle Power Girl, a character I like and have been drawing for years, but wearing her "New 52" costume from the current DC Universe. I realized as I was sketching this, however, that a lot of the New 52 costumes are overly-detailed, needlessly ornate and rather boring, so I scrapped the idea and just went with Darwyn Cooke's beefy, brawny, brick shithouse Wonder Woman. Zaftig!


Finally Making the Scene

I've been reading Cleveland Scene since 1987, at least... it's the very first weekly newspaper I ever saw. Still, having moved away from NE Ohio in 1995, I've never had an opportunity to work with them before...which is why it was so nice to get the call from Vince, the current EIC,  to provide the cover for the magazine's 2013 Year in Review issue!


Pens Pals


I've Been Saving for a Custom Van

An awesomely fun assignment from Boing Boing here, showing a myriad of fun and different ways in which Ford's Transit wagon can be made to fit any lifestyle. I don't know abut you, but I'd drive the one with the babe and the barbarian around town til the wheels fell off!



From a Stranger piece, about a cop who got himself a few days off by threatening a reporter.