North Stars

The Minnesota North Stars jersey is a hell of a lot of fun to draw, with a ton of classy details that set it apart from the pack. I dig the unusual color combo too...a true classic!

In other recent North Stars news (although not necessarily inspired by one of the finest moments in their history), check out this version of Game Six of the 1991 final between Minnesota and Pittsburgh. Most impressive!


Survival of the Fitness

This week's strip is up at Richmond Magazine. It's about exercising!


Pillow Fight!

I did this illo for a rock show poster for my good pals The Malamondos. Might have to slap down some color and turn it into a sticker!


The Football Fan's Manifesto

New on the bookshelves today is Michael Tunison's The Football Fan's Manifesto, which, in addition to being a pretty freaking hilarious, cradle-to-the-grave look at the rabid fans of the NFL, also features a dozen or so spot illos by yours truly! I was honored to get the call from Mike to provide some art for his book...in addition to being a Steelers fan and just an all-around swell dude, he's also one of the funniest football bloggers (hell, football writers) I've ever seen, as evidenced by his body of work on the uproarious, ribald Kissing Suzy Kolber site, where he writes as Christmas Ape. His DC Steeler Nation blog is a hoot, also.

So get yourself ready for some football by zipping over to Amazon and ordering The Football Fan's Manifesto, already!


U.Va. Magazine

A couple recent-ish fun gigs for U.Va. Magazine (and another pesky squirrel)!



He's kind of a shitty rapper, but at least he doesn't whore himself out to any team that'll have him.


San Diego Comic-Con: The Strip

I still plan to write up a little more in-depth con report, but a big job literally just came down the pike as I was getting ready to write it. So for now, please enjoy the highlights from this week's Traffic & Weather!


San Diego Comic-Con: The Photos

There's a lot of 'em, for once!

JCC's first flight. Who's a big boy?

The calm before the storm.

Look at all those people!

Our setup.

This was the aisle we were near, watching thousands of people speed past us on their way to buy pink Green Lantern dolls and Exclusive Comic-Con "My Little Pony"s.

This probably deserves its own post, but Jim Mahfood's live art show Thursday night was highlight of the weekend. I gotta find some way to hook something like this up in Richmond...

Costumes and goofy stuff:

Pals: Andy Runton and JCC enjoy some pre-preview night Greek food.

Jordan Crane's beautiful booth.

Self-portrait with Brett Warnock and Jeff Lemire.

The Aftermath


Tonight's the Night!

I'll be doing a San Diego Comic-Con report, I swear...there'll even be a comic about it! But for now, allow me to pimp my party one last time! I won't be painting on naked ladies or anything, but it'll be a great time!