Hershey Bears

Kind of on an AHL kick this week. Who do you wanna see next?


Charlotte Checkers

More AHL:


Baby Pens

At least they're playing hockey...



Friends, believe me when I say I am as sick of the trolling for shoppers as the rest of you... However, my limited business sense demands I tell you that I added lots of brand-spankin' new original art, sketch cards and prints to the Atom-Bomb Bikini Etsy shop this weekend, and that you can save 20% on said goods using the code CYBER2012!

The code is good through December 10th, so use it early and often, and as always... Thanks!


The History of Pornography

I created this a couple weeks back for the Las Vegas Weekly, who thankfully seem to send a good bit of their more lascivious illustration projects my way. It accompanied an article about a UCSB professor, who created a course on the history of pornography back in the 90s, hosting a talk at UNLV.


Dr. Sketchy Scribbles

Last night, I finally had an opportunity to catch a DR. Sketchy's drawing session here in Richmond. It's been forever since I made it to one, as something always seems to pop up and prevent me from going. Luckily, the model this time around, the lovely Tenshi no Itami, was really fun to draw, in no small part because of the Lady Gaga cosplay jam she had going on, complete with her own latex "meat dress"!

Some o' my scribbles:



Pirate Girl

Raise those Jolly Rogers...