Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2012 - Stanley Cup Finals

If you need proof of how unlikely a Stanley Cup finals matchup this is, look no further than the picks submitted by the readers of this blog on the first day of the playoff just seven short weeks ago. No one came close to picking a correct final four, with only about 15% of readers getting even one team right. I know I have plenty of Kings and Devils supporters among my fans, and few of them even felt comfortable with the homer pick. Keep that in mind next February, when you're tempted to plan a parade... or a funeral.

So, the Kings and the Devils. Los Angeles brings a staggeringly good 8-0 road record into Newark for games one and two. If they can continue this good fortune, a California Cup is all but assured. I suspect New Jersey will hold serve, however, and at least gain a split in the first two games, and that this series will go a long way. Both teams are speedy and can score, so it oughta be fun to watch!

The Devils knocked off some big-name goaltenders on their way to the final, but at no point in the playoffs did either Bryzgalov or Lundqvist approach the performance of the Kings' Jonathan Quick. I look for him to be the Conn-Smythe Trophy winner, and for the Stanley Cup to go to the Kings in six.

UPDATE: Now the image above is available as a print!

Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy - Pg. 6


Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy - pg. 2

Kinda just what you'd expect, right? Stay with me, it ain't all boobs and butts...

If I wanted to see coverage, I'd watch CNN.


A Family of Sharks

They might've had a disappointing season, but that Sharks jersey sure looks good! Not many teams have been able to pull off the teal look since the 90s ended, but San Jose gets it right.

This image was a commission for reader and pal Mike R...If you'd be interested in something like this for yourself, hit up my email tag over in the sidebar there and get in touch!


Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy - pg. 1

I've been carrying around the artwork for this story in a folder in my messenger bag for almost two years, working on it bit by bit as time allows (which ain't often!). It's a fun little story, sort of a sequel to That's Just Super, and I've enjoyed working on it... but it's time to hunker down and finish the damn thing so I can get it off my mental carousel.

I figured the best way to ensure that that happens is to begin serializing it on the ol' blog, in advance of printing it up as a mini-comic. The idea here is to shame myself into making sure I work diligently on the thing...so don't be afraid to hold my feet to the fire a little bit!

Look for the first few pages this week, and then one a week or so after that...maybe more often if I can keep pace. Thanks for reading!

JLA/JSA team-up style


Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2012 - Eastern Conference Finals

(1) New York Rangers vs. (6) New Jersey Devils

So here are the Rangers, right where it seemed like they'd end up all season, in the Eastern Conference Finals. It's been no easy ride though, needing two game sevens to finally vanquish the East's two lowest-ranked teams. Now in come the arch-rival Devils.

The Devils have been inspiring and even (gasp) exciting in their two series wins, taking a full seven games to beat Florida before essentially sweeping the outclassed and overrated Flyers. Lower-seed or no, they seem to be hitting on all cylinders right now, and figure to be a much sturdier test for the NYR than they would've seemed a month ago.

I'm wracked with indecision about this one; the Devils are more than capable of the upset, especially in light of their impressive showings against Florida and Philly. That said, neither Florida or Philly was really very good; the Rangers most certainly are, if more on paper than in the previous two series. I wouldn't be surprised to see either team sweep, and I'd likewise be unsurprised to see it go the whole way...which is why I'll unconfidently go with Rangers in Seven. Seeing as how it's NY/NJ, I hope at least to see some genuine animosity!

The Hockey Gods Approve

If you're looking for a reason for the Kings and Coyotes' success this postseason, look no further than the fact that each team has a ton of photos like these on their respective websites. Even the Hockey Gods approve of some Stanley Cup cheesecake!


Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2012 – Western Conference Finals

(3)Phoenix Coyotes vs. (8) Los Angeles Kings

Man, there's really something amazing about seeing a hockey team peak at exactly the right time. There've been so many ebbs and flows to this season, with so many teams that seemed virtually unbeatable at one time or another only to fall back to the pack. The Bruins, the Rangers, the Red Wings, the Penguins... the one contender that never really had that sort of run in the regular season was the Kings, seemingly always struggling to score goals, playing win-one/lose-one hockey and just barely sneaking into eighth. It can't have been an easy season to watch for Kings fans, who I'm sure spent all year wondering what was wrong and expecting more... but I'll bet they aren't complaining now.

Even more surprising, really, are the Coyotes, who, despite beating out the Kings and Sharks to capture their division, no one really expected much from in the postseason. Thinking back, I can't seem to remember why. Veteran team, their third straight year in the playoffs... I'm tough on the Desert Dogs, for reasons that aren't entirely unjustified, but you gotta give them credit...despite all the uncertainty and controversy, these guys can play.

A true Western Conference final...none of this Detroit, Chicago or Nashville nonsense...this is Los Angeles vs. Phoenix. California vs. Arizona. 10 pm starts and productivity-annihilating overtimes. Should be something to see. Kings in Six.



My TCAF haul....well, half of it, anyway. The rest is in a box on it's way to Richmond thanks to my wonderful traveling companions Ian and Mandy, and the fine folks at the USPS!

L to R: Melanies by David Turgeon, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes by Michael Cho, Le Temps des Siestes by Jimmy Beaulieu (+ a few postcards by Jimmy), In Situ No 2 by Sophie Yanow, Nine Short Works by Jon Allen, Apartment Number 3 by Pascal Girard, By This You Shall Know Him by Jesse Jacobs, Turtie Needs Work by Steve Wolfhard and Grizzly Comics by Pascal Girard


Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 5-6

As far back as 2003, I can remember chatting on the phone with Chris Pitzer about this show in Toronto called TCAF, and how I'd reeeeally like to exhibit there one day. Well, it took almost a decade... I was all planning to go in 2007 and 2011, but we had to go and have a kid each of those years... but I'll finally be making my TCAF debut this weekend!

The staff of the show, Christopher Butcher in particular, have been astoundingly cool in helping artists prepare for the trip, with advice on dealing with customs, exchanging currency and any other question you could ask. They also gave me a pretty incredible table space, right near my pals Michael Cho and Jimmy Beaulieu, and smack in the middle of everything. First floor, Table 111...and here's a little visual reference, just in case you find yourself overwhelmed by what's sure to be a busy crowd all weekend!

I have plans to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame on Friday, do a little sightseeing and a lot of hanging out! Really, REALLY excited about this trip...Hope to see you there!