That's Just Super!

Hopefully, if I can get the last few pages inked and scanned, my new comic, THAT'S JUST SUPER, will be ready to debut next weekend the FLUKE Comics Festival in Athens, GA, and at APE in San Francisco (where I'll be appearing in the ever-lovin' flesh as well) the week after that. Previously announced on this blog as being titled HEY, LI'L LADY ( a name change very much for the better, and courtesy of Wide Awake Press publisher/genius/scalawag J.Chris Campbell), it's a 48-page wordless super hero adventure. Check out that cover!

Creepy Old Guy

From this week's Savage Love: What can you do when your 18-year-old sister decides to wed a shady creep twenty years her senior and thrice divorced? Unfortunately, not much.


Entertainment, Weakly

My shitty month gets shittier.

Last December, I sent my latest promo postcard to five or six contacts at Entertainment Weekly, among all the other names on my mailing list. It was the final of four Suburban Supergirls calendar cards, and featured this image, along with my contact info, on the back:

I received my new issue in the mail today, only to see this image, by John Ueland, on page 23:

I mean, come on. It's even the same guy! I suppose it could be a coincidence, but that'd be a little easier to believe if I hadn't sent the damn thing less than a month ago!


They're Here...and They're Fantastic!

The first issue of Teeny Bikini is officially off the press, and almost a week ahead of schedule! It's 20 pocket-sized pages of scantily-clad cartoon cuties! To get one a' these little babies, throw $2 (+$1 postage, packaging & PayPal) my way and I'll send one out posthaste. Use the handy PayPal button below for the speediest service...hell, I might even catch the mailman today.

If you're feeling even spendier, and that tax return is just burning a hole in your pocket, buy some art over at the new and improved Rob Ullman dot com and I'll throw one in for free!

UPDATE: Fixed the button below...PayPal was adding the standard postage rate ($2 instead of $1) by default for some reason I'm not web-savvy enough to figure out. If you were already purchased issue one at the previous charge, I'll send along an old-school refund (in the form of a $1 bill. Bling bling, yo.)

UPDATE II: It's come to my attention that the PayPal links on the "Comics for Sale " section of robullman.com are not working correctly. Until it's fixed, if you'd like to order, add up the prices of the books you want, and add two bucks for postage (provided you're in the US...if not, add $3). From there you can go to PayPal and send that amount (and make sure to include a list of the books you want as well) to me, using my PayPal ID, which is fromcurve@yahoo.com. It's easier than it sounds, believe me! Thanks for your patience!


Teeny Bikini