Weekly Sketch 1/27


Cougar Time!

I did this one for the Las Vegas Weekly last week...when they pitched me the idea, I knew it was right up my alley. It's about a "Cougar Convention" held over the weekend at the Tropicana in Vegas. Although it's bordering on obnoxious overexposure, I still find the term "cougar" hilarious...but I wonder if there should be a term for older men who are into women in their late teens and early 20s. Oh, I forgot, there is a term for them: Men.


Do Not Rescuisitate

A couple years back, in a move much-ballyhooed and made a big deal of by me, The Washington City Paper stopped using my illustrations with the Savage Love column. Though it was a blow to lose them (and their budget) as a weekly client, I continued to provide Savage Love illos (albeit not in color) to a couple other papers, Detroit's Metro Times and Philadelphia Weekly...that is, until last Monday, when I was notified by PW that their budgets had been cut, and that there was no cash left for my weekly spots. So,down to only one venue for my work, I know that this is the time to bow out for good.

I've been doing the spots for one paper or another for over ten years, and to be honest, I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself next Monday when it's time to send the art along and there's no one to send it to! Still, I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity...drawing the column every week for a decade was an invaluable experience, enabling me to hone and fine-tune my style, as well as challenging me to produce top-notch, funny work every week under a rigid deadline.

Thanks to Pete Humes for the initially hiring me to draw the spots for Punchline, and to Jandos, Pete M., Sean, Hawes and Tim for picking me up along the way! Here are a bunch of recent illos...thanks for the memories!


Duo Damsel

Continuing my Legion of Super-Heroes theme started last fall...here's Duo Damsel! Her power is to split into two identical bodies...it used to be three, when she used the name Triplicate Girl, but then one of her selves was killed by an evil computer. Oh, and she's married to this guy. Their story could be an early-2000s CBS sitcom.


Pens vs. Caps TONIGHT!

The Washington Capitals play the Penguins in Pittsburgh tonight, the two teams' first meeting since last May, when the Pens spanked the Caps 6-2 in Game 7 of their playoff series. I think the Pittsburgh is gonna pick up where they left off, and that Pens' center Evgeni Malkin is going to have a huge game...and she agrees with me!


Columbus Crew

A rare championship team from my home state of Ohio! And my first rendering of a soccer jersey!


Philly Flyers Winter Classic

(bites tongue)



Could new taxes places on cosmetic surgery procedures force rich, aging housewives to seek out the black market for eyebrow lifts? Here's hoping they "forget" to sterilize their tools. From the Las Vegas Weekly.


Devils Girl

This one's for B.C.


Tampa Bay Rays Alternate


Illustrations with Benefits

Here's a nice little set of illos I did for Remodeling Magazine awhile back, on the important if not enthralling subject of employee benefits. I really like how they turned out!


Hungry Hungry Hippo

This illo is from a recent Virginia Living, the story of Bongo, an African hippo who lived at the National Zoo in Washington until his death at age 49 in 1959. His body was donated to science, and that's how the preposterous collection of items in the animal's stomach came to be discovered: hardware, including nuts, bolts, screws, wire and valve caps; ammo, such as shell casings and a 25-caliber bullet; and a pocketbook’s worth of everyday items, a billfold, a tube of lipstick, keys, streetcar tokens and $2.50 in coins. All thrown into Bongo's open mouth by cruel, careless zoo patrons. Oh, the humanity.



I'm now taking orders for the custom sports pin-up commissions...and here's some handy-dandy info to get you on your way!

My standard rate for doing the single-figure sports commissions is $250...for that price you'll get both the original hand drawn art (size 11" x 13" or thereabouts) , plus a couple fancy color prints of the image with all the logos, uniform details, etc. in there. That may sound kinda steep, but keep in mind that it's a totally one of a kind item, and that you can be specific with details such as likeness, number for the jersey, and other fun stuff like that.

As far as how she'll look... It in no way has to be based on a real person...but if it is, few photos would help, as well as a few words of description, just so's I get everything right. As a cursory glance around my site will tell you, I'm not exactly a portrait painter, so what I go for with the drawings is a "cartoon" version of the girl...trust me, you'll dig it!

I'll do a quick sketch and send it to you, just to make sure you're okay with the pose and all that, and then get working on the final. I usually ask for about four to six weeks to complete a commission, but if I'm a little swamped, it might take as long as eight or ten. Still, if you're working toward a specific date, I'm sure I can work something out so that it gets to you on time!

So, that's my schpiel. If you are interested, or if you have any additional questions, please contact me via my email address, rob at robullman dot com, and we can discuss schedules and such! I truly look forward to working with you!


Winter Classic, Beantown-Style

Wow, is it New Year's Day already? Time for another NHL Winter Classic!

This year it's Flyers vs. Bruins, who'll play outdoors today in Boston's Fenway Park. It's a pretty awesome event, and must-watch viewing for a lazy January first. I would've loved to have done an illo for each team, but time just didn't allow it...so I had to settle for the home team, who I'll be rooting for...'cause let's face it, the Flyers are scum!

Happy 2010!