Diamonds are a Girls Worst Enemy - Pg. 12

Man, drawing comics is HARD. Why does anyone do this?


A piece in a recent edition of The Stranger looks at opportunities for male prisoners to acquire their equivalency diplomas while serving their time...and wonders why the same opportunity is not extended to female inmates.


Diamonds are a Girls Worst Enemy - Pg. 11

Got the next few pages pencilled, so they should roll out a little faster as I can scratch out time to ink 'em!


A Sale on Commissions!

It's been a little quiet around the ol' studio recently, so I've decided to launch my own little stimulus program in the form of a deal to my blog readers. I'm offering the next half-dozen sports uniform pin-up girl commissions for 15% off, $215 rather'n the usual $250. I next to NEVER offer deals on the sports commissions (mainly cause I can't afford to), so if you've had your eye on one…now's the time!

The discount will be good until I hit six commissions, or until next Wednesday, the 25th, whichever comes first. Shoot me an email (via the link on the sidebar) to discuss details and whatnot!

In addition to the examples all over the blog, there are a bunch of 'em in this gallery on my Flickr page, and this post from a few years back pretty adequately describes the process! Thanks!


The Matador

A fun story from Virginia Living, about Jorce Carillo, a matador from Tijuana who had his pocket picked on a 1962 visit to Washington DC, leaving him penniless and stranded, and the kind samaritans at the Woodbridge, VA Greyhound station who donated some dollars and cents toward the bus ticket that would enable him to make it to Atlanta and his relatives.


Buc-some Beauty

I've given a lot of love to my teams here on the blog... the Penguins especially, but also the Steelers, Team USA and even the VCU Rams. The Pittsburgh Pirates, unfortunately, have mostly gotten the short end of the baseball bat, having been miserable since before the internet was invented. But with the team sitting in first place (!!) coming out of the All-Star break on the strength of an amazing first half, the fortunes of the Bucco faithful might, I dare say, be beginning to change. We'll see you in October.


Keeping Up

Busy times around Casa de Atom-Bomb lately, between birthdays, power outages, national holidays, babysitters on vacation and 24-hour stomach viruses...but I'm hoping to get at least a page or two of the strip up before the week is out, along with some other goodies. Don't stop believin'!



A comic book cover illustrated for a benefit for my pal Kerry Talbott, who's dealing with cancer. The book was auctioned off along with a bunch of others a few weeks back, and you can peep some of 'em here!

Never really paid too much attention to the "blank cover" phenomenon, but I must admit it was kinda fun to work on!