Free Freedom Candy

UPDATE: It turns out I have more of these than I thought I would...so I have more to give away! Instead of 10, it's about 35, so just follow the same instrux below!


In honor of the USA's stirring victory over Canada and that damn crybaby Sid Crosby Sunday night, I've had a few li'l stickers made up of the girl in the Team USA sweater that I posted on the Games' first day. Because selling them would be a copyright can of worms I have no intention of opening, I have no choice but to give them away...which I will, to the first ten people who post an insightful, informative or otherwise witty comment below (basically, something more than "nice!")! So get crackin'...and should you decide on your own to buy something, I certainly won't stand in your way...it is a free country, after all!


One of the jobs I've been doing a good amount of in the last couple years is storyboarding. It's an odd task...the requirements vary drastically from client to client. For some, a pencil sketch composed of barely more than stick figures will suffice...others ask for nothing less than what looks like a completed comic page. At any rate, copyright and confidentiality issues, non-disclosure agreements and the like mean that very little of such work ever appears here on the blog...but here are a few panels from a job that never went through last summer, which I'm pretty sure I can share since I never got paid for 'em!


New Stickers!

Back last summer, I did an illo for my pal's Troy's band, The Malamondos, to be used on a poster. His art direction was simple: "Two girls having a pillowfight. Hips and tits." Kind of in my wheelhouse, no? I was pretty happy with how it came out, and I immediately thought it'd look great as a sticker. I finally went through with the idea, and the shipment arrived when I was on vacation last week...and here they are!

As for the smaller square design...if you've ever ordered anything from the site, you no doubt received a sticker with your order. This is my new "giveaway" model.

SO! If you'd like to get your hands on the PillowFight sticker, kindly use the PayPal button at the bottom of this post. If you'd like one of the square Atom-Bomb stickers, order anything at all, whether from the blog, my original art store or my webshop...and I'll be sure to drop a couple in the envelope!


The Teeming Types of Twitterers

From this month's issue of Richmond Magazine...a look at some of the many different types of Twitterers (in this case, the reporter, the comedian, the investigator, and the populist)!


Go Team USA!

The Winter Olympics begin tonight! I'm gonna be glued to the set for the next two weeks. As usual, I'll be following the hockey tournaments closest of all, but I definitely plan to take in a good deal of curling as well. Hell, I dig almost all the sports in the winter games.

This is the sweater the USA hockey teams will be sporting in Vancouver, this one specifically by the Penguins' Brooks "Free Candy" Orpik. While it's not my favorite design of all those in the tournament, it's a big improvement over what they've worn in recent years. I'm especially not a fan of that squarish collar...leave it to Nike to screw up a hockey jersey with extraneous bullshit details!


Train Stop