But Honey, I hadda do it for my ol' pal Chappy!

I have a few illustrations in the September issue of Penthouse Magazine (including a full-pager), accompanying an excerpt from a spicy new book about how to find new and exciting ways to do it. So, you're welcome for finally having a valid excuse to purchase a copy. Seriously, I feel like John Candy at the beginning of Splash. “They printed my letter!”



Now on Etsy.


Now on Etsy.


Drawing in the Sky

A couple weeks back, my wife had to travel to San Francisco on business...and having made several trips out the Bay Area separately but never together, we decided I'd buy my own plane ticket, crash in the nice hotel room and play Betty Draper for a few days.

We did a few touristy things, and had some amazing meals... but with my wife often busy with lectures and other programming at the conference she was there to attend, I found myself with a lot of two- to three-hour blocks of down-time. It was a really nice change of pace to have options when finding things to keep myself busy.

One evening, as she attended the conference's opening keynote, I considered seeing a movie...maybe Iron Man 3 or Man of Steel... at the theater right next door. However, I'd picked up a few new supplies at the Utrecht Art Store a few blocks from the hotel, and was itching to try them out. So, I skipped the movie and set out to find a place to sit and draw.

It was at that precise moment, riding the elevator, that I noticed a sign for The View Lounge, the bar atop our hotel on the 39th floor. I went on up, ordered a local IPA, and sat down to draw. The view was as advertised, simply amazing, even on a cloudy evening.

I chose to work on a drawing commissioned by my friend Patrick of former Penguins forward and current radio team member Phil Bourque, the Ol' Two-Niner. Originally meant as a sketch card, I started over from scratch on a larger 6x6" sheet of Bristol and completed the entire drawing, pencils to inks to color, in that beautiful spot as night fell over San Francisco. While it may not be the best drawing I've ever created, it's without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and memorable times I've ever had participating in the act of drawing!

POSTSCRIPT: The next day, I hiked a few miles to Japantown with my pal The Tot and bought more fantastic art supplies at Maido, an amazing Japanese stationery shop I first visited in 2006 and have thought of often since then. Imagine if JetPens.com was a physical shop rather than a website, and that's pretty much what you've got inMaido. I realized they have a web presence, and are well worth checking out!


The Seeds of Fandom

“I honestly don’t remember how, but I listened to the 1982 Super Bowl on a Sony Walkman with radio capacity while sitting in a middle-school class at Hong Kong International School.”

Gage Harter tells a funny, personal story about becoming a Washington football fan, in the current issue of Richmond Magazine!


Eight Ways

Dan Savage offer eight ways he could leave this mortal coil and completely leave his husband and child high and dry...until the repeal of DOMA, that is.