Richmond Guide

One of the last projects I was working on as little Eve was born was a suite of six illustrations for the Richmond Guide, a swanky, complimentary booklet outlining all the wheres, whats and hows to our fair city. It's published by the same fine folks as Virginia Living, and is available all over town at stores, parks, shops, etc.

It was a lot of fun to work on, and I tried really hard to make all the illustrations work together as a whole, style-wise. Upon closer inspection, I fear the "Restaurants" illo, while fine on it's own, feels a little more cartoony and doesn't blend quite as well as the others...but the clients seemed to be pretty happy with the outcome, so I suppose that's the most important thing!

The categories for the illustrations were as follows: Restaurants, Shopping, Galleries, Performing Arts, Exploring/Sightseeing, and Events. Here's hoping you can tell which is which!


Daddy, Tell Me About Hockey!

I swear the blog isn't gonna turn into all-babies, all-the-time, but please indulge me for awhile here! It's not lke I'm doing a ton of drawing these days anyway!

As soon as we found out Mrs. Chappy was pregnant, I went out and bought a pack of onesies, printed up a few sports logos and album covers on iron-on paper, and made up some custom baby wear. At the time I thought "Wow, this is the smallest article of clothing I've ever seen...there's no way the kid is gonna fit into this tiny thing!" But little Evie, all seven pounds of her, is swimming in it!


Evie Amelia Ullman

Born yesterday, July 2, 2007. She immediately made me feel like a complete, blubbering sap.