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Sweet Lid, G

From October's Nickelodeon Magazine



A few recent pieces done for BRICK Weekly, accompanying Chris Bopst's fine "Sound Advice" column. A great opportunity to flex the caricature muscles on a regular basis. Yeah.


Schulz Exhibit - Winston-Salem, NC

Mrs. Chappy and I trekked down to her parents house in North Carolina last weekend, to visit and hang out, but mostly to check out the "Charles M. Schulz: His World in Art and Objects" exhibit at the Hanes Gallery at Wake Forest University. The exhibit ran from October 7 through today, November 15, which makes the timing of this blog entry almost comically useless. It took us over a month to get there to check it out, so if you missed it, take solace in the fact that I took some pictures, which I'll share wit'cha now!

A nice establishing shot, from the mezzanine level. It was a pretty sizable exhibit, mostly from one guy's collection, and they framed it really tastefully, with huge panels from strips attached to the walls. They also had a couple TV's showing Peanuts animated features and the epoisode of A&E's Biography which focused on Schulz, and a bookshelf full of all manner of Schulz collections.

One of the most amazing things about seeing the original art was realizing how freakin' BIG they are! The dailies were probably 14" x 6" or so.

Mrs. Chappy, standing alongside a couple of the sunday strips. Like I said, they're huge! 24" by 18", or something like that!

A few of my favorite strips and panels. It's hard to hold the camera steady on the flashless "museum" setting, so forgive the blurriness!

I'm dying to read an issue of Linus.

A few other items of Schulz epherma.

I'm usually not a big fan of Tom Everhart's Peanuts-themed paintings, but the size of this thing is undeniaby impressive.

It was a great exhibit, and a real thrill to see so many strips all in the same place, all at once. And these days, with the Fantagraphics "Complete Peanuts" collections coming out twice a year, I thankfully never have to go more than a few months before being reminded why it's my favorite strip ever! Thanks, Sparky!

Mob Rule

From this week's issue of The Stranger:


Girls, Girls, Girls!

Haven't posted any girlie sketches in awhile, so here are a few pages from the sketchbook, mostky quick drawings from various photo and such. Enjooooy!



My birthday's coming up in a couple of weeks, and if someone would like to pick me up one of Boing Boing scribe Mark Frauenfelder's fantastic paintings, I'd be forever in your debt. I especially like "The Poke", which probably comes as no surprise.



This is a spot from the current issue of Virginia Living magazine...I've been illustrating their "Olden Times" column for awhile now, which focuses on a specific (and usually strange) moment in the history of the Commonwealth. This one focuses on a spike in the fox population in the 1950's, which was great news for hunters, but not so much for farmers.


Single in the City (Paper), Part II

As promised, here are a few of the supporting spots to the City Paper singles story. Makes me glad I'm married!


Single in the City (Paper)

Here's a cover I did for my most favorite client, the Washington DC City Paper, this week. It's a first-person article about the ups and (mostly) downs of being an older single guy in the big city. There are a few accompanying spots that I'll post later.

I like it for the most part, although there's something about the color that's bugging me...something lacking, somehow. Luckily, a deadline's a deadline so I couldn't over-obsess about it too much!