Sketch Group 8/25

Thought I'd post a couple sketches created at Richmond Sketch Group the other day. Sketch Group is an every-three-weeks-or-so meeting I began awhile ago for local cartooners and illustrators to get together at a coffee shop to draw and chat a bit. Drawing can be a pretty solitary gig, and it's always nice to get out and see other people once in a while!


Red-Headed Stepchild

My pal Eric has been breaking my balls on a pretty regular basis recently over the infrequency of my posts recently (Eric, who went a year between posts before finally throwing in the toweland taking down his site a couple weeks ago!). Suffice to say, work continues to dominate my time, but with a few moments to spare, I figure now's a good time to check in.

What am I working on? Well, for starters, there's this week's issue of The Washington City Paper, to which I contributed a cover illustration and several inside spots for a story (a rant, actually) about the frustration that is office life. For the last five years I've illustrated Dan Savage's Savage Love column for the City Paper every single week, and now and then they ask me to work on something extra. It's really one of the best gigs imaginable...they're so easy to work with I almost feel guilty taking money for it. Anyway, it's free all over town, so if you ever happen to find yourself in the nation's capital, make sure to pick it up.

Next up is the ongoing McGraw-Hill project (which I've been working on for several weeks but will now receive my full attention), writing and drawing a series of five- and six-page comics that will be used as chapter introductions in textbooks. It's an awesome, incredibly demanding job...most of the stories are either science or history, and therefore demand a pretty extensive bit of research to make sure everything looks right. This is one where I feel like I'm earning it.

Finally, I have a few projects I'm trying to finish up for the Small Press Expo next month in Bethesda. It seems like every year I'm struggling to get something done for this show...no matter how aware I am of the deadline going in, I'm always on the verge of blowing it. It's a great feeling!