Them Vancouver Canucks

Always a crowd favorite, and still sitting atop the league standings with about six weeks to go!


Just Indulge Me for a Moment

Some pics from last weekend's Ginger Classic. Aside from the occasional 30 mph wind gusts, the weather was great. My stat line for four games includes one goal and maybe a couple of assists...as a hockey player, I make a hell of a logo designer.


Lightning Crashes

"Walter Barr, of Annefield, in Clarke County, got the shock of his life April 2, 1936, when he was struck by lightning. The shocker was, he was able to walk into the offices of the Clarke Courier just two days later to talk about it.

As Barr was feeding his two hogs, a “freakish storm” had come up, and a bolt of lightning zapped him, knocking him unconscious. “I never knew what hit me,” he told the Courier. “When I came to, I ran as fast as I could away from the place.” The hogs, unfortunately, had been killed by the strike.

Barr was left to ponder how he had survived. Opinion ran that his rubber boots had insulated him from the jolt of electricity."

From Virginia Living.


Luv Ya Blue!

As a Steelers fan, there were few victories more satisfying (or losses more frustrating) than those that came against the Houston Oilers. I always had to admit, though, that they were one of the sharpest dressed teams in the NFL.


And the Winner Is...

All the votes have been cast, and it wasn't even close....by a 24-point margin over the closest runner-up, the readers have selected the Quebec Nordiques jersey as the one to be worn in The Ginger Classic. Man, do people love some Nords. Just as well...the GC patch probably matches best with that one anyhow!

The tournament was postponed for two weeks ago thanks to a cold, miserable, day-long drizzle on the 5th...but the weather for tomorrow couldn't be better. Highs in the 60s, eventually giving to temps in the low 50s as things wind down for the evening around 8 o'clock. Should be a beautiful day for player and spectator alike.

And speaking of spectating...This weekend is the fourth Hockey Weekend Across America, and what better way to celebrate than by making a trip out to watch some or all of the tournament! You can find details at the Ginger Classic's Facebook Page and at the Events page of the Hockey Weekend Across America site. If you do make it out, please be sure to say hi...you'll certainly know just by looking which guy is me!


Some Covers

These are a couple covers I've done over the last year or so for C-Ville Weekly and the Washington City Paper...I think I was waiting to post versions with all the text and mastheads in place, but as it's been awhile, I'm sure these'll do as is!



My computer is fixed. HUZZAH! The process was not without controversy...the aforementioned local Mac shop still hadn't even looked at it as of yesterday morning, or so much as called to explain why. Livid and with my patience at an end, I drove right over and picked it up, to deafening indifference...no "we're sorry, we've just been busy" or "what can we do to help you"...just "Here." I made an appointment at the Apple Store's Genius Bar for this morning, brought it in at 10:15 am, and not quite two hours later, the OS had been reinstalled and I was back up and running, with nary a file lost. Consider that a lesson learned.

Anyway, here's some art from a few years ago for a pitch that didn't go anywhere...some kind of computer protection software. Seemed to relate.


Oh, The Bitterness

I drew this super-bitter strip for Valentine's Day 1997.
Things have improved.


Weekly Sketch 2/10

Still waiting on word on my computer...I don't even think it's been looked at yet. Though we have an Apple store at the mall, I usually do my business with a small, locally-owned shop here in town, preferring to try and support the little guy. Gotta say, though, their service often fails to impress, and they do literally nothing to reward your loyalty. I've spent literally thousands of dollars there in the last ten years, actually spending more to support them, and yet when I go into the shop, icy disinterest is the best reception I can hope to get. Sometimes when you try to help out the mom & pop shops, you end up looking like a sucker.

But anyway, if there's one thing you can count on to cheer you up, it's naked girls! Enjoy!



I'm not gonna lie to you...it's been a shit weekend. I woke up yesterday to find the spinning wheel of death on my computer, and had to take it in to (hopefully) be repaired. They'll have news for me Wednesday at the earliest. All my work, including my new Steelers/Super Bowl piece, is locked up deep somewhere on that inaccessible hard drive, which doesn't exactly make you sleep easy at night. Geno Malkin broke his knee and is lost to the Penguins for the season, enabling them to be blanked by the asshole Caps this afternoon. I was awoken this morning from a vivid dream where I was making dinner for my daughter by that same daughter slapping me in the middle of my back, meaning I'm her bitch in both the real world AND my subconscious. Spilled coffee in my lap this morning. Dog shit in the house twice. Ginger Classic called on account of rain. Yeah, it's been a shit weekend.

All that will go away, however, if at around ten o'clock this evening, the Pittsburgh Steelers can bring home Number Seven.

It's been an odd year...I'm still not over the Roethlisberger thing, and at times, I'll admit that's it's made it really hard to give a shit. It bothers the HELL out of me that there'll always be a "Yeah, but..." when you're discussing the Steelers of the 2000's.

Still, there are 52 guys on that team, and at least two hall of fame coaches, who aren't scumbags...and they played their asses off in the first four weeks of the season when they would've had every excuse to roll over and play dead. Those guys deserve it. Steelers, 33-27


Wednesday Night Prints

Every true comics fan knows that Wednesday is the most exciting night of the week!

This print measures 12 x 18 inches, is offset printed on white stock and is signed by yours truly and limited to 100 pieces. Best of all, it's available right now!

Rated PG, Redux

Pwer Girl, now in glorious (if plagiarized) color. I desperately hope Mika approves.


Thou Shall Not Lie

From this week's Stranger, an article about the deceptive tactics often employed by Christian-run pregnancy clinics.