On the Road Again (and Again, and Again)

My ridiculously busy fall convention schedule (four shows in five weeks!) kicks off this weekend at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. It'll be my eleventh time there, I think...I've been every year since 1997, and it's always the best. I'll be at table H-1, right near the front entrance. Look for my giant new Atom-Bomb Bikini banner...you can't miss it!


Shadow Lass

Long live the LSH! So many characters, so many great uniforms...This is (hopefully) the first in a series.


Make Mine Marvel (Girl)

I wanted to make sure I posted this before all the particulars of the sale goes through, so's I don't get sued!


Covering the City Paper


It's Terrible Towel Time!

In less than an hour, the football season kicks off with the Titans at the Steelers. It's been three long months since I watched a sporting event that meant anything (at least to me). It's been a nice little break...but I've missed getting all disproportionally worked up about shit that I have no control over whatsoever. So seeya later, fingernails...it was nice knowin' ya!

PREDICTION: Steelers 24-10


Bills and Bengals

This ones for Matt, who posted in the comments section of the Colts entry...well, sorta. Wouldn't'cha know it, the one time I drew a Bills jersey...it was on a dude!

I did this as a wedding gift for a friend of a friend...sort of a "C'mon over to my side and I'll make it worth your while..." kind of thing. Needless to say, I hope these guys don't actually spend too much time watching football!


Indy Colts

I've seen a few magazines picking the Titans and even the Texans to win the AFC South this year, but I'm not buying it. I think the Colts are still the faves to win the division.


It's Easy Bein' Green