Glitter Bomb!

I've thought for years that my style would mesh well with the roller derby aesthetic, but I never got around to exploring it until I was approached for this commission. I might be onto something!


Hockey in Vegas

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work on this super fun cover for Vegas Seven magazine, and I talked about my process and it's creation over at Uni Watch this morning! Uni Watch is one of my very favorite places on the web, run by some of the very best people in the cyberworld...please, check it out.


Those Penguins Throwbacks

Doesn't get much better as hockey uniforms go, if you ask this guy.


Sometimes Weekends are Quiet...

...and sometimes your partner is a sports fan.


Lessons in Car Theft

from The Stranger.


The Greatest Pirate

Roberto Clemente, 8/18/1934 – 12/31/1972


Happy Winter Classic Day 2015

All appearances to the contrary... I'll be rooting for the Blackhawks! Happy New Year!