Unknown said...

Very cool. I very much want to get one of those throwback jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! But no Sabres? :(

Leonardo Romanelli said...

She really looks like my girlfriend! And she loves the Pens!
Could you please change the color of her hair and eyes to black? I would love to present her with your drawing! December 12th is our 3rd year of dating!

So, pleeeease! I really need this one!

Send me a answer, i'm waiting for!

See ya! Continue your excellent work


Leonardo Romanelli said...

PS. I know you're very busy, but please... if you have a small time to do it I'll really aprechiet your help!

Robert Ullman said...

Hey, Leo-

I can probably help you out...shoot me an email at rob at robullman dot com.

Leonardo Romanelli said...

No problem.. I did it already!

But, please.. be very nice with her body! =D
She worries about her body, if you know what I mean... =D