Bro's Before Ho's

This image is from a recent Savage Love, 'natch. The letter writer's quandary? He spotted the girlfriend of one of his fraternity brothers putting the moves on another of his fraternity brothers at a kegger. Should he blow the whistle on her? Or mind his own business?

Also, lest you think title phrase is just a clever joke from 30 ROCK, I actually overheard some douchebag say it in all seriousness to his pal in a bar in Ohio over my Christmas vacation! I tells ya, people out there scare me. I'm putting Evie in a convent the minute she turns thirteen.


Unknown said...

"Bro's Before Ho's" is pretty old, way older than 30 Rock anyways. So much so that there is a riff on it of "Prose Before Ho's" And then there is even the political version of it.

Will Pfeifer said...

Allison's going into a convent, too -- maybe she and Evie can room together!