New Comics Day: Westward, HO!

This story is the last of the really inventive McGraw-Hill tales I did...there are a few others, and they're perfectly good little stories, but they're pretty straightforward and textbook-y, and lack the goofy energy of stories like "Where Stalks the Snakehead". It doesn't get much goofier than this one...the concept I was given was to imagine the westward expansion of settlers across the United States as if it were a reality show. I really went with it, and got into all the reality show tropes like a confessional area and an annoying host (Barry Bartman, modeled off Kirby's huckster of all hucksters, Funky Flashman).

I should also point out that this story contains the most direct and egregious swipe I've ever committed in a project I got paid for. Free sticker goes to whoever can point it out. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was great. Seems like they really gave you a free hand--I almost can't believe you got away with it. Well done, sir.

Juan. said...

i look at your blog every day. but this is the first time i write something. Realy Nice Works!!

Greg McElhatton said...

Swipe, homage, or fevered imagination? You decide!


Robert Ullman said...

I gots a fourth option for you, Mr. McE: Co-inkydink!

I definitely looked at some Little House screencaps for things like clothes and wagons, but I don't recall seeing this specific image. But I'll shoot a sticker your way anyway!

BTW, are you running the RVA 10k this year? Should be a time!