New Comics Day: 30 Hours to Paris

In the comics world, it's all about Wednesdays: That's the day that the new comics arrive in the stores. I should know; Up until Evie's birth back in July, a Wednesday seldom went by when I didn't drop by the shop to pick up my four-color crack like a good little fanboy. In recent years, I don't even buy that much...I just like to see all the new stuff.

The that end, I'll be posting some of my less widely seen comics work on Wednesdays all month. Some of the longer stories I might break up over a couple days, but count on seeing a good deal of new stuff.

First up is another tale created for McGraw-Hill. "30 Hours to Paris" tells the story of Charles Lindbergh's historic first transatlantic flight. I'll post the first few pages today, and the remaining pages tomorrow. Enjoy!

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