New Comics Day: My Life as a Cartoonist

This week, another comic from Richmond Magazine, this one from their "Comics in Richmond" feature from a few years back. I was asked to create a strip that'd address what it's like to be a cartoonist in a smaller city. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, especially the center panel, which I find hilarious. Sadly, I've had even less time than usual to work on comics since this strip saw print, with several ideas and projects backing up in my brain like cars in the Lincoln Tunnel on a Friday afternoon. Ah well, I'll keep at it anyway!


Unknown said...

Hey, nicely put, Rob. My own experience is very similar. I'm going to show this one to a few folks who don't quite "get" what it is I'm doing with my life.

Shon Richards said...

That middle panel fills me with delight and despair. You nailed that feeling.

Anonymous said...

it may, or may not, comfort you to know that the same ratio of artistic fulfillment to gettin' paid pertains for the freelance writer, as well. advertising copy pays for cable, dsl, and daycare on mondays and wednesdays. an article for bitch pays for the coffee i drank while writing the article for bitch. when it comes to fiction, i'm generally working for the infrequent thrill of getting published.

thank god we married people with real jobs.

Robert Ullman said...

"thank god we married people with real jobs."