Richmond Zine Fest 2012

Hey, y'awl! Tomorrow I'll be set up at Richmond Zine Fest, the River City's best local show! It'll be my first time exhibiting since 2008, as one event after another has conspired against me every year since then, so I'm pretty excited about it! Joining me will be my pal Jared Cullum, who'll actually be handling the reins solo the latter part of the day, since I have a five-year old's birthday party to go to (See what I mean?). But by all means, come out, say hi...you don't even have to buy anything, though Jared and I'd sure appreciate it!

It's at the Gay Community Center of Richmond, that faaaabulous rainbow-painted building you can see from I-95, from 11-6 this Saturday, October 6th. Really, you should totally come...it's gonna be fun.

Also, a quick reminder, today is the LAST day to pre-order your Atom-Bomb Bikini "Wanted" t-shirt. I'll be printing a few extras, but really not many at all, so if you want a guaranteed size and color, I implore you to set one aside for yourself now. Thanks.

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