Baby Pens

At least they're playing hockey...


HockeyKnight said...

Wow. Great job on this one. We may disagree on a lot of other things, but I'm just glad you're a Pens fan!

I like the detail in the logo that you got here. It's almost a replica. I'm trying to find one on eBay that's affordable inexpensive to add to my own collection.

Keep up the great work - I'm going to try to give you some pub again on my hockey blog again.

Robert Ullman said...

Thanks, Mike! Y'know, I found an authentic at River City Sports last spring for $60 when they were blowing out some old stock. Haven't customized it yet, but it's nice to finally have one to wear when I sit amongst those jackals in Norfolk.

I would LOVE to get on your fine blog again...let me know if you want to do an interview, need some art, etc.!