Sugar Strip

More years ago than I care to remember, I drew this comic strip, which saw print in issue one of my From the Curve mini-comic, about going to see Bob Mould's fantastic band Sugar on their File Under: Easy Listening tour in fall of 1994. It's one of my favorite records of all time...probably my favorite of the three Sugar LPs. I was completely obsessed with all things Bob Mould in my early twenties...his music tapped into every emotion I had...frustration and loneliness, but also boundless hope and exuberant joy. Sugar was perhaps Mould at his very best, superlative in every way. Of course, if you're reading this blog, you don't need me to tell you that.

Anyway, a remastered, deluxe edition of that record, containing 20+ bonus tracks, is currently on sale at Amazon for the criminally low price of $5. You're welcome.


Ben Towle said...

Also available cheap on Amazon: Mould's new record, Silver Age, which is really good. I just bought it.. $7.00, I think.

I saw this set at the Cat's Cradle in '97. Even with just Mould and a 12-string, it was rocking. Vic Chestnut opened.


Robert Ullman said...

I'm pretty sure this was the show I went to on a man-date with Jeff Levine. 'Course his girlfriend was along too, to spoil my chances!