New Duds! It's the Atom-Bomb Bikini "WANTED" T-Shirt Preorder Party


I get asked all the time if I ever print any t-shirts. I'd love to do a new one every month, but budgetary realities being what they are, I just don't have enough cash laying around to drop a few hundred clams on a shirt order. So, I'm gonna follow a trend and do the next best thing...Offer a pre-order! 

I scribbled up this little ditty in my sketchbook awhile back, and figured it'd be a cool design with which to dip my toe back into the shirt-making pool. If it does well, I'll feel empowered to make more... and if it does lousy, well, I'll finally get the hint and stick to mini-comics!

Anyway, this one-color design will be printed on either a white/navy blue or heather/navy blue ringer t-shirt, using only the finest water-based inks for maximum softness. These things are gonna be like butta', people!

As an extra bonus, the first 25 orders will receive a free set of Atom-Bomb Bikini stickers, as well as a sticker of the t-shirt image. They're available in sizes S-XXL, and will ship by mid-October. Best of all, it can be yours for just $16 plus shipping!
So are ya sold yet? Are ya? Then get that clickin' finger ready and CLICK HERE! And thank you SO MUCH!


Dan McB said...

Is the girl in the poster on the wall doing the Zoltan?

Edgar Z. said...

I'll get one

Peter K. said...

I said the other day if I could get an Atom Bomb Bikini shirt in Russian I would be soooo happy!!

(Just ordered one! It will be up there with my art spiegelman shirt from Strand!!)

Peter K. said...

(oh, and just where is that hotel?)