Oh, DO Go On.

I drew this several years ago, one of about 15 illos I was working on for a book aimed at teen girls to encourage self-esteem (paradoxical, I know). About halfway through the project, the publisher was tragically killed in a car accident, and the book was never finished. I still have all the art, most of it at least half-inked, sitting around in the stacks of bristol board all over my studio. I've always liked this one, and decided to go ahead and spend a little time finishing it.

It's weird, though... for some reason, every time I look at this piece, I imagine that the girls are laughing at me.


peter said...

I never realized that artists could have b-sides, rarities & misc. debris around...this is a nice piece and makes me wonder what the whole collection would look like.

Rider Todd said...

Having two older sisters and knowing how teenage girls are....they probably ARE laughing at you and me.

dylanio21 said...

I love them.
I thought they were Betty and Veronica at first.