New Comics Day: The Pernice Brothers Die

One of my favorite gigs ever was a few years ago, when Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers, having dug a portrait of him that I'd done and sent his way as a fan letter, asked me to create a short comic to be used as a giveaway for folks who pre-ordered the CD Discover a Lovelier You. Joe wrote a little story, I did the artwork and design then sent it off to be printed, and a few days later, several hundred copies arrived at my house, awaiting my autograph. It was indescribably cool to get to work on a project with one of my heroes, and if I say so myself, everything turned out great.

This was the main "story" of the comic, a goofy little rumination on life and death.

As it happens, I have a few copies of the comic sitting around...the next five folks who order something from the blog, my website or at my Etsy shop will receive their very own copy of this rare piece of Ullmanalia.

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