Stillerette Sticker!

They're here! Get your Steelerette sticker now with the handy PayPal button below! I gotta say, they came out great...I'm really happy with the job the printer did.

They're a measly two bucks each, and measure just over five inches tall. I'll have them out to you in time to celebrate next week!

As an extra bonus, everyone who orders a sticker (or anything else from the store) between today and next Friday (2/6) will be entered in a drawing to win one of two Big Ben Roethlisberger MacFarlane figures I have on hand! It's kind of an embarrassing story...I went a little nuts last time the Steelers were in the Super Bowl, and bought a half dozen of 'em as an "investment".

Thanks everybody! And GO STEELERS!

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Dustin Harbin said...

That IS an embarassing story!