I was really happy with how this illo for the Boston Phoenix turned out...from the minute Kristen ( the PHX's fine art director) described it to me over the phone, I knew it had major potential.

It examines the phenomena of people reconnecting via sites like Facebook and hooking up after not seeing each other for a decade or more. And the term they use to describe the practitioners of this trend—retrosexuals—is downright hilarious!


Anonymous said...

That is nice. I like the way her legs are wrapped around him. Sexy. And I plan to use retrosexual as soon as possible. I'm already combing facebook. Thanks!

David Hagen said...

That's hilarious! Great illustration and fun article!
Thanks, Rob!

Unknown said...

I knew Facebook would come in handy someday!

Anonymous said...

retrosexual sounds like humping with bell bottoms on.