Karate Kids

I got an assignment last year from University of Virginia Magazine about martial arts clubs on campus. It was fairly straightforward, just talking about the different options available to students and the good physical and mental health benefits that go along with participation...in other words, nothing negative for me to focus on! So, I took a different approach, looked at a ton of books about martial arts, and created all these small figures of people practicing the various disciplines, whcih were in turn spaced throughout the layout. Now, being that I don't know Aikido from Feng Shui, I'm sure I'm far less than accurate on a few of these poses...so if you see something I have wrong, and want to leave a comment about it, please don't bother, because I DON'T CARE.


Percy Trout said...

Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I wish they were all girls, though. :)