Travel Tales in C-Ville Weekly

A couple weeks back I did a series of illustrations for the fine folks at Charlottesville's C-Ville Weekly, lending a little graphic blandishment to some travel stories by a bunch of their staff writers. The stories themselves are pretty interesting, often hilarious and well worth checking out, and here's a little closer look at the illustrations!

I'm just impressed I managed to work a naked girl in there.


Percy Trout said...

You do GREAT work!!!

Robert Ullman said...

Thanks, Percy...that blog of yours is fantastic, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Nice work man! Glad to see some more spot illustrations.

Just the picky guy in me writing here, but the wounded soldier has two left hands (well, not anymore, but he did).

Just knit-picking. Sorry.

Robert Ullman said...

D'oh! That's twice you've caught me on that, isn't it?

Strange thing about it is, I'm a righty!