A Gay Old Time

Over the years that I've been illustrating Savage Love, I've accumulated quite a sizable stack of lurid drawings. I've put a great deal of the ones that prominently feature hot girls in each and every issue of Atom-Bomb Bikini, but I'm still left with a bunch of hilarious drawings that don't really fit the format...specifically, the ones that illustrate a more manly side of Savage Love.

Well, no longer. I give you...Atom-Bomb Banana Hammock.

Issue one will debut next weekend at Crafty Bastards, and be available the week after that at SPX. I can't wait to hear what you think of it.


Vee ! said...

Oh man, I can't believe SPX is just around the corner. Looking forward to picking this up (along with a few of your other books) when I get there!

Percy Trout said...

Darn... SPX is just too far away for me... but I'll have a table Oct 4-5 at the Mid-Ohio-Con In Columbus, Ohio. Is that the same weekend as SPX?

Vee ! said...

Yes'm, that is indeed the same weekend as SPX.

Robert Ullman said...

Yeah, like Vee said...Mid-Ohio's the same weekend as SPX. It's a good show, nowhere near SPX's level, but well worth going. I'm annoyed they're on the same weekend, actually...I'm originally from Ohio, and I used to go to that con when I was in high school way back in the day. I've been waiting for the organizers of Mid-Ohio to wise up and move it away from Thanksgiving weekend (which is just a really impossible time for anyone with a family to go to a comic book show) so that I could attend. Then they go and schedule it on SPX weekend. Boo.

Percy, I don't know if you're a P. Craig Russell fan, but a pal of mine has made a really kick-ass documentary on PCR (we're all from the same 'hood) that'll be screening at Mid-Ohio this year. Well worth checking out.

Vee, can't wait to see you at SPX! You're gonna love it!

Vee ! said...

Since we're still talking about SPX, can I ask you a question, Rob?

I'm trying to come up with a solid theme for my sketchbook that I plan on getting started at SPX. What would your opinion be on a political cartoon theme?