It's been a tough couple years for pitbulls...first that Michael Vick thing, and now this:


Anonymous said...

Nice drawing, Rob.

Cool to see you delving into political cartoons.

Now if only you could figure out how to incorporate T&A into them ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind seeing Democrats like you act like hostile toddlers with this stuff. A week of it, and McCain's opened a clear lead over Obama. Three more months, and it'll be a landslide.

Remember how bad the GOP looked with all the Monica Lewinsky lunacy? It looked so ugly to me at the time, I registered as a Democrat for a few years.

You guys look a lot worse now.

A culture of civility and decency in our country matters a lot more to me than one stupid election win, but I guess the election's the most I can hope for. What a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Those sure are tough words anonymous. *sniff sniff*

I really like this one Robert. I especially like your caption. lol

Brooke Ullman said...

Dear Anon-
Don't be a passive toddler and sign your name.
Besides, If I get one more political piece of junk that highlights Obama as a terrorist or how he has no platform... I'll go crazy. Gee, I wonder if those were all created by Democrats.
Welcome to politics, Anon. Its a dog-eat-dog world and your girl just announced that she's the kind that wears lipstick. She's opened the doors for people to make comments.

Robert Ullman said...

I don't make a habit of responding to people too candy-assed to use their real names, but I'll make an exception just this once, and from then on delete all anonymous comments.

For your information, "Anonymous", this was a paid job for a client...believe me, I don't have the time to waste drawing pictures of Sarah Palin when there are so many far more beautiful subjects in the world...but I'll admit it, I did have a good time creating this image. Sarah Palin represents everything I dislike about the GOP, and I find both her views, and the adulation showered upon her cynical, calculated nomination, completely disgusting.

She referred to herself as a pitbull with lipstick, and she opposes sex education and abortion rights in nearly every case. So how am I being unfair?

It's my blog, it's my platform. Deal with it.

Robert Ullman said...

PS: I love my readers.

Rich Barrett said...

Fantastic work, Rob!

cartoonjoe said...

You tell 'em, Robert!

Good job!

Unknown said...

Robert, I'm one Conservitive Republican not afraid to sign my name. I've been coming here via UniWatch since you were on there, I will say this though. I'm sick of liberals calling it Anti-Choice rather than Pro-Life. Women DO have a choice. They can choose to have sex, or they can choose not to have sex. *Waits for typical liberal argument about women being raped having abortions* If you check out this website, it shows the statistic that victims of rape CHOOSE to keep the baby 70-85% of the time. Also according to the Guttmacher Institute in a 2003 study, 1% of all abortions are from victims of rape, and the number in the 5 years since then is closer to .3%. Abortion isn't about rape, or about the mother's health conditions anymore, it's simply a way to "get rid of" an unwanted baby.

Robert Ullman said...

Mac, I appreciate your signing your name, and your coming over from Uni Watch...believe me, I'm happy have this discussion all day (and I'll even try to be civil!), but I'm not going to waste my time debating with some doofus who found my site by googling "Sarah Palin Bitch".

Anyway, I'm far less interested in the "rape and incest" argument (although I think it's BARBARIC to force a woman impregnated through violence to have a baby) than I am in the far-reaching social implications of the issue. Fundamentalists like Palin want to make abortions illegal. They also want to remove all sex education from schools, except to say "don't do it". I think that that's a terribly irresponsible, head-in-the-sand policy.

From a very early age, kids are surrounded by sexual images these days...That's just reality. You may not like it, but there are too many people making too much money from it for that to ever change. High school-age kids are going to have sex. Maybe yours won't. I'll tell mine not to, and hope she doesn't. But a lot of kids will, even if you tell them not to.

I did. My wife did. Most of my friends did.

Palin 's own daughter, who'd no doubt been preached abstinence forever, did.

Did you?

I think you owe it to kids to arm them with all the information you can. Abstinence-only programs simply DO NOT WORK. Kids still get pregnant. So, they're forced to get abortions if they don't want to become mothers at 16. Then, what, they finish school? Sometimes. Or they go on some kind of government assistance, which conservatives abhor.

So what's it gonna be? Do you want to help the kids avoid getting pregnant? Do you want to continue the cycle of poverty and teenage parents? Or do you want to continue to sit on your high horse and say "Just don't do it!"?

Robert Ullman said...

I should add that I, of course, think abortions are terrible...it's something I'd never want to go through. But it's not for anyone but the woman to decide.

Flint Lockjaw said...

Worse things have happened at sea!

Anonymous said...

Big Mac:

My name is Jamey. I don't have a Blogger account, nor am I really interested in having one.

Here's my stance: I'm strongly pro-life; I will *not* countenance being described as anything but.

My wife and I, to date, have two children and ZERO abortions. Additionally, I am anti-war and anti-death penalty.

What I value nearly as much as human life is the sanctity of individual liberty; I cannot abide a government interfering in my private personal affairs. Moreover, I think it's a gross abrogation of governmental authority to do so on the basis of some religion's opinion of whether a blastocyst or an undeveloped fetus has a "soul." (Yes, I will even concede some strictly defined limits to the right to abortion access, as it was interpreted by the US Supreme Court, in this case, when life is sustainable outside the womb.)

Abortion is tragic; it's a choice women (and/or couples) make responsibly, only after agonizing reflection and self-evaluation--many are forced by law to withstand waiting periods, and to undergo "counseling" designed to frighten or intimidate those seeking to terminate their pregnancy. To categorize it as ex-post-facto "birth control" is reprehensible. Moreover, it's a choice that, by your own provided statistics, nearly one third of all rape victims make. To discount their concerns is tantamount to advocating mob rule. The right to privacy upheld by Roe safeguards the right reserved by individuals to choose, and to make that chouce within context of their own beliefs. To take away that right, or to otherwise curtail it is fundamentally anti-American.

So, yeah, the stance carved out by the GOP's coalition vis-a-vis its other stances on capital punishment and preemptive war is not pro-life, but anti-choice. This is not semantics. Deal with it. Mostly what I see coming from the anti-choicers is a form of morality-based social control--which is in keeping with the drive to relieve pharmacists from the duty of filling birth control prescriptions, teaching abstinence first, or limiting access to contraceptions.

Barney Frank may have had tongue planted firmly in cheek when he said that "[Republicans] believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth." But I feel that the tone of his comment made it no less valid.

Nice pic, Rob. Palin is on the GOP ticket to divide the electorate, not to unite the country. Typical!

Ben D said...

Great Pic Rob...After all she made the comparison herself. I find it hard to believe that Republicans get bentn out of shape over something like this and will then send you ten emails a day (with no fact checking) spouting anti-Obama vitriol full of lies and half-truths.

Robert Ullman said...

Thanks all.

And Ben, great point about all the anti-Obama emails. I can't believe some of the paranoid, overtly racist shit I'm sent by a certain relative with alarming regularity. And he probably only sends a tenth of what he receives from his persecution-complex neocon pals.

I think that's the thing that bugs me most about the GOP machine (FOX News included, of course): The willingness to just overtly lie, and lie, and lie some more. And not in the way a candidate promises he'll do something to be elected, and then doesn't follow through once he takes office, but like Palin is doing now, with the "Bride to Nowhere" and "I sold my jet on eBay" talking points. They make neat little folksy soundbites, but they are simply false.

Then, when some news outlet calls them on it, they retreat behind the familiar "media bias" refrain. These old rich white guys own and run everything, and from the way they piss and moan you'd think they were blacks living under apartheid. And the American people eat it up. It's fucking astounding.

I hate to overgeneralize and I'm sure this'll come across as insulting, but doesn't that bug you conservatives? I mean, doesn't it bother you? Or is it okay as long as your guy wins?

Robert Ullman said...

BRIDGE to Nowhere.

Bride to Nowhere will be the title of Levi Johnson's soon-to-be-ghostwritten autobiography.

Either that or Just Fuckin' Chillin', Y'all.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Rob, you're killing me! Not only do I love the drawing, but your commentary is right on target.

Unfortunately, being in the military at times (always) limits my ability to spout my "angry Liberal" views, so I'm glad there are some people that are doing it for me.

Have you considered doing a seperate news/political blog?

That still doesn't give you a pass for being a Steelers fan.

Flint Lockjaw said...

Screw peoples political views...this is just a damn nice piece of art!

psychitome said...

I'm a conservative and not at all insulted by your drawing--I think it's right on!

Y'all better watch our for SARAH!

Phillip said...

So, I'm just finding your blog, and your illustrations, and I'm enjoying both. I feel, however, that I must comment on Anonymous up there (the first one).

Two things, in reverse order-

1) "A culture of civility and decency in our country matters a lot more to me than one stupid election win" So, that campaign was supposed to be civil and decent discourse? Looked like "win at all costs" to me.

2) "Three more months, and it'll be a landslide." Well, I guess you were technically not incorrect.

It's Nov. 5th today. Good morning, America!