Free Comic Book Day

It's the next best thing to Christmas in the Ullman household: Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 5th! Go to any comic book shop worth a damn and get yourself a free comic (or comics) from a variety of snazzy, generous publishers! Personally, I'm most anxious to check out the "Unseen Peanuts" book from Fantagraphics (although the "Wizard: How to Draw" volume oughta be good for just as many laffs).

Also, this year I contributed a few pages to Wide Awake Press' new FCBD anthology, EATS! It won't be available at your local comickery, but it will be available free to download on Saturday! Here's the official poop from the boys at WAP:

Hungry for FREE comics but don't live near a comic shop? Well, Wide Awake Press has cooked up a little something special this year. Surf over to www.wideawakepress.com on May 5th 2007 (Free Comic Book Day) and you willl be able to download EATS right to your very own computer! It's been prepared with only the freshest artists.

There you have it! My eyes have seen the PDF, and it's pretty freakin' amazing. And just cause I know that reading a comic on-screen can't match the experience of holding it in your hands, I'll send an actual physical copy of EATS! to anyone who orders five or more dollars worth of stuff from my website for the entire month of May!

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