Crass Commercialism

Please pardon this crass money-grub from your hosts at Atom Bomb Bikini Co., but the tax man cometh and I gotta pay the piper! To that end, I've added a good twenty or so pieces to the "For Sale" section of RobUllman.com, so if you're at all interested in owning some artwork that you can't actually hang in your home for fear of societal disapproval, please skip on by and take a gander!

In a feeble attempt to assuage my guilt, I'll go ahead and make you a deal...if you order a piece of art from the site in the next month or so, I'll throw in a trading-card sized drawing of pretty much any character you can think of as an added bonus. Just make sure you mention this blog post so's I know we're on the same page. We square? Awesome.

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Mack said...

You've got some great work, Rob. Very cool.