My TCAF haul....well, half of it, anyway. The rest is in a box on it's way to Richmond thanks to my wonderful traveling companions Ian and Mandy, and the fine folks at the USPS!

L to R: Melanies by David Turgeon, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes by Michael Cho, Le Temps des Siestes by Jimmy Beaulieu (+ a few postcards by Jimmy), In Situ No 2 by Sophie Yanow, Nine Short Works by Jon Allen, Apartment Number 3 by Pascal Girard, By This You Shall Know Him by Jesse Jacobs, Turtie Needs Work by Steve Wolfhard and Grizzly Comics by Pascal Girard


Peter K. said...

Hey Rob!!
Hope you found time to enjoyed the HOF!! (I got yelled at for touching the cup w/out the gloves...)

Is there any chance you'll be doing comic con in NY this year? Next? ever...

Robert Ullman said...

For the forseeable future, I'm kinda doubtful...Small as I am, I tend to get lost at sea at a show like NYCC. There's always a chance I might exhibit at MoCCA or whatever that Brooklyn small press show is called...but it's just so pricey. These days I'm kinda sticking to the shows where I know I'll at least break even, y'know?

But if plans change, you'll hear it here first!