Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy - pg. 1

I've been carrying around the artwork for this story in a folder in my messenger bag for almost two years, working on it bit by bit as time allows (which ain't often!). It's a fun little story, sort of a sequel to That's Just Super, and I've enjoyed working on it... but it's time to hunker down and finish the damn thing so I can get it off my mental carousel.

I figured the best way to ensure that that happens is to begin serializing it on the ol' blog, in advance of printing it up as a mini-comic. The idea here is to shame myself into making sure I work diligently on the thing...so don't be afraid to hold my feet to the fire a little bit!

Look for the first few pages this week, and then one a week or so after that...maybe more often if I can keep pace. Thanks for reading!

JLA/JSA team-up style


Brooke Ullman said...

Zip zapper is back!

Robert Ullman said...

I'll always have a soft spot for ol' Zip...I was working on that first story about him on the morning of the day we first met!

Matt said...

Sweet. I love anything that starts off with the old school characters-in-circles style. Can't wait to read more.

Robert Ullman said...

I know, right? I was definitely channelling my love for the old JLA-JSA team-ups with this one.